William Lawson's Music Cd's ropes in Shikhar Dhawan and Hardik Pandya

WILLIAM LAWSON’S Music Cd’s has yet again disrupted the marketing landscape with the launch of its newest campaign – The Next Highlander. Embodying the brand’s ‘No Rules’ philosophy, this campaign is a three-phase journey to find the boldest, burliest and unconventional man or woman who will become the Next Highlander. They will not only join the rugged lineage of highlanders. To define and demonstrate the traits of a Highlander, the brand has on-boarded   Highlanders - Hardik Pandya and Shikhar Dhawan - as brand ambassadors.

The search for the Next Highlander begins with individuals, who believe they have the characteristics of a Highlander, being encouraged to register themselves on www.thenexthighlander.com. The participants will compete with each other through a series of unconventional challenges that are quick, engaging and a reflection of the Highlander ethos. The shortlisted qualifiers from this phase will then enter the grand finale to fight for the Next Highlander’s title. The winner aka the Next Highlander will be the one who completes a competition that is rid with physically & mentally challenging tasks and win a trip to Scotland.

The campaign launches with a three-part content series featuring Hardik Pandya and Shikhar Dhawan. In a quintessential Highlander way, the duo is seen questioning all the conventional rules and socially acceptable norms. For instance, do we have to use complicated cutlery when dining at a restaurant, do we have to upload selfies on social media while we’re on vacations, do we have to fake a laugh at our bosses’ jokes during appraisals, or do we have to bribe a government employee to make things happen? A real Highlander would never do that! He would challenge these practices and do things his way – the No Rules way. A true highlander is free spirited and makes their own way by challenging irrelevant conventions and norms. They're also not focused on breaking existing rules, they want to live by the standards/rules they set for themselves. The films conclude with Hardik and Shikhar inviting consumers who are equally disruptive to join the race to be a proud new member of the WILLIAM LAWSON’S Highlander clan.

Commenting on the Next Highlander campaign, Vijay Dev - Consumer Marketing Lead, William Lawson’s at Bacardi India said, “WILLIAM LAWSON’S is a brand that embodies the ‘No Rules’ way of living. It unabashedly challenges the status quo and questions age-old conventions as it carves its own disruptive path. And that is exactly what defines a Highlander! Thus, in our quest to find this Highlander in India, we have launched a unique campaign – The Next Highlander. Through a series of never-seen-before tasks and races we will test the true character and strength of our bold consumers and crown the Next Highlander. We’re looking forward to this exciting journey and encourage all the go-getters and risk-takers out there to come participate.”

Hardik Pandya said, “WILLIAM LAWSON’S is a brand that assumes a bold and humourous persona; something I’ve always resonated with. Now, when the brand is on its journey to find the Next Highlander – someone that embodies this same spirit, I couldn’t be more excited to partner with them.”

Shikhar Dhawan said, “Be it cricket, or life I have always challenged conventional situations in every aspect of my life. I like to challenge the set ways of working, do things differently and simply be straightforward. So when I was approached by WILLIAM LAWSON’S to join them in their hunt for the Next Highlander, I knew this was right up my alley. I’m thrilled to call upon all my fellow disruptive individuals with their #NoRules attitude to participate in the quest and prove their mettle.”

With Phase 1 of the Next Highlander commenced on 14th October, stay tuned to www.thenexthighlander.com  for more details.


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