Wipro Consumer Care launches a portfolio of shower gels

Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting has launched a full range of shower gels across its brands to address key consumer needs. It features an assortment of unique body wash products across multiple brands to provide options for every kind of consumer bathing experience.

Mr. Anil Chugh, President, Consumer Care, India and SAARC Business, Wipro Consumer Care & Lightingsays, Consumer is at the heart of every product and initiative by Wipro Consumer Care. We are delighted to launch a complete portfolio of shower gels across our portfolio of brands to address key consumer needs. It isimperative to provide solutions to our consumer’s evolving and varied requirements and the launch of the shower range from our key brands Santoor, Hygienix, Yardley andAramusk, is a step in that direction.

The Company has launched body wash under multiple brands – Santoor, Hygienix, Aramusk and Yardley to meet various consumer needs and give exciting bathing experiences e.g. Hygienix is for 99.9% germ-kill experience, while Yardley is for high fragrant bath experience, Santoor is for a nourishing bath experience through the use of natural ingredients while Aramusk is for a deep cleansing bath experience for men through itscharcoal based variants.  

The entire portfolio has been launched in the on-going Amazon Prime day.

The full range of body wash products are available onAmazon.in as Prime day Launch:

Aramusk - https://www.amazon.in/Aramusk-Charcoal-Activated-Protection-Cleansing/dp/B097TSLLZ5/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=aramusk+shower+gel&psr=PDAY&qid=1627295073&s=prime-day&sr=1-3


Santoor - https://www.amazon.in/stores/page/F8601A23-2856-4570-9D68-824D9B5D6164?channel=Q2'22-BW-PDay-IG


Yardley - https://www.amazon.in/stores/page/54E55D90-74B1-4B7E-8346-ED73D7F6CA32?channel=Q2'22-BW-PDay-IG


Hygienix - https://www.amazon.in/stores/page/4C61F315-277B-4EA3-9B0D-8B9937F50F14?channel=Q2'22-BW-PDay-IG



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