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With SKINN Tales, we’ve democratised the fine fragrance space: Kanwalpreet Walia

SKINN, a fine fragrance brand from the house of Titan, has been instrumental in introducing global fragrances to the Indian audiences. Launched in 2013, at the time of its launch, Titan Company had stated that it was eyeing a turnover of Rs 500 crore and a market share of 20 per cent by 2023. Today, the brand’s portfolio has grown, with separate fragrances for men and women and various collections. According to industry report, the domestic flavours and fragrance market is valued at $500 million (around Rs 3,600 crore), which is a small slice of the $24 billion global industry. Yet India is not just a growing market for consumption, but also an important exporter of raw material for fine fragrances.

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Skinn by Titan recently launched a range of everyday affordable fragrances. The ‘Tales’ collection from SKINN celebrates “Happiness”, where every fragrance is reminiscent of happy memories. The collection, comprising four fragrances – ‘Rio’, ‘Oslo’, ‘Malaga’, and ‘Ibiza’ – curates unique fragrances for Men and Women in bright, colourful packaging reflecting the theme of spreading the tales of happiness to one and all.

Earlier in July 2021, SKINN Tales launched a digital campaign, conceptualised by Ogilvy South, which aims to capture the imagination of the users who are looking for everyday fragrances that have a unique character at the heart of their creation.

In an exclusive interview with Adgully, Kanwalpreet Walia, Marketing Head - Fragrances and Accessories Division at Titan Company Limited, elaborates on the marketing strategy for SKINN Tales brand, catering to a discerning young TG, creating consumer experience in the digital space even though creating the mood with fragrances is very hard to do digitally.

Consumers, both male and female, are very particular about choosing their perfume brand. How have you positioned your new affordable perfume brand, Tales, to tap the discerning younger consumers? 

We have been and are still going through unpredictable times and during these situations, we all look for small moments of joy. Aromas and fragrances are known to have a positive impact on emotions and one’s mood. They have the ability to make the wearer feel more positive and happy. 

With SKINN Tales, we have introduced a collection of four happy scents that uplift the spirits of the user with just a spray. This everyday perfume range is crafted to last long, to add excitement, and to elevate your mood. All four fragrances under Tales – ‘Rio’, ‘Oslo’, ‘Malaga’, and ‘Ibiza’ – have been designed as a representation of these fun, exotic places and are formulated under the expertise of the French Perfumers.

The collection has unique fragrances for men and women, and it is available at an affordable price range of Rs 1,595 for 100 ml, to spread the tales of happiness and fragrances to one and all.

How does the pricing compare with vis-a-vis the competitor brands? Who is your TG? 

Brand SKINN’s endeavour is to offer superior fragrances across different olfactive spectrums to consumers. With SKINN Tales, we have democratised the fine fragrance space and are working towards perfumes becoming a part of consumers’ everyday grooming. 

SKINN Tales Collection is positioned as youthful, fun, casual, and accessible everyday fragrances for men and women. This introduces a completely new segment under SKINN’s stable and it is placed at a price point that is very competitive and affordable. The fragrances are ideal for someone who wants to enjoy fragrances every day and not just occasion led.

What is the value proposition that Tales is offering? What are some of its unique and rich features that will attract the customers?

The intent behind SKINN Tales was to create a perfume that can be generously used as part of their daily grooming ritual and expects the fragrance to bring the much needed cheer and feel good to the day. Thus, the bright, colourful packaging, coupled with the right olfactory notes, reflects the theme of ‘Tales of Happiness’.

The ‘Tales of Happiness’ proposition embarks on the narrative that fragrance is reminiscent of happy memories. Each of the four variants under Tales – ‘Rio’ and ‘Oslo’ for men, and ‘Malaga’ and ‘Ibiza’ for women – have been designed as a representation of fun, exotic places, formulated by the master perfumers to create an elevating experience. 

The collection has an assortment of olfactive spaces – Floral, Musky, Citrusy notes to offer a wide range for your everyday usage.

With minimum social gatherings taking place and with people still working from home, how has the product performed during the pandemic times? How did you manage your supply chain during the lockdown period? Did you notice a lot of online buying? 

Post-COVID, fragrances have found new meanings and purposes. In recent times, various researches have indicated that in a sombre mind space, fragrances also reinforce positive emotions, signal safety, and serenity – almost acting as a personal shield. Thus, the market for various aromas, scents, incense, essential oils as well as perfumes for creating a positive ambiance and impacting mood is thriving.

As consumers start seeing the fragrances in a different way, we as a brand are all set to offer well-suited fragrance solutions. SKINN Tales is a move in the direction of exploring new olfactive spaces and capturing these changing behaviours.

Our online channel’s share of business has increased with many consumers opting to order their favourite fragrance from the brand website and other e-commerce websites. At the same time, the offline channels remain as important as always and are showing healthy recovery. With offline stores taking all precautions and giving customers the comfort of safety, the relevance and attraction remain. The comfort of touch and feel is best experienced at offline stores. 

Customers mostly go for foreign labels when it comes to branded perfumes, when they can afford it. What has been your strategy to woo these customers towards Tales?

The brand SKINN stands for providing exceptional products at a great value to customers, and this core trait of bringing a world-class perfuming experience for Indian audiences will continue to be our strategy. SKINN Tales, like our any other perfume, is crafted by best in class master perfumer of global repute. The fragrances are a result of best of the ingredients mixed with the expert craftsmanship tailor made for the Indian audience. This economical pricing will get people to experiment more with the Eau de Parfum format.

The unorganised market also dominates this category. Spurious brands are also another area of concern. How are you tackling these challenges? Are they a threat to your business? 

The fine fragrance industry in India has extremely low penetration, even though fragrances have played a very big role in the culture of our country, as we have a variety of fragrances for different occasions and needs. However, as a lifestyle product, the relevance of fine fragrance is still low. The challenge is the lack of awareness of fragrances as a fashion accessory, but with increasing conversation online for fashion and grooming consciousness, evolving lifestyles, and the pandemic, consumers’ tastes and preferences are changing rapidly. 

We believe that there is a market for everyone as India is a huge country. While there is an unorganised and spurious market at one end, there is also increasing brand and quality consciousness on the other hand. We cater to the latter – a consumer who demands a certain sophistication of international fine fragrances. Our aim is majorly to bring the perfume out of the closet and make it an everyday accessory rather than occasion wear. 

We decode the consumer preferences, understand the ever-evolving fragrance, grooming landscape to develop our fragrance and with SKINN Tales have come up with a solution to offer a unique fragrance experience to our consumers at a sweet price point. 

What has been your engagement strategy with your audience? Have you explored any innovation on the media front to reach the young audiences? 

We believe in building relevance for fragrances as a first means for building engagement. For building relevance, we are trying to build content which deconstructs fragrance andis a slice of life, thereby being more engaging.

In the pre-COVID-19 era, we brought Master Perfumers to interact with fragrance and fashion enthusiasts and gave them an experience of physically creating fragrances through a hands-on session.

Creating the mood with fragrances is very hard to do digitally, but in recent times we have done a few interesting campaigns to reach our audiences. We got Master Perfumers on Instagram Live to interact with consumers. These experts shared their inspiration for crafting fragrances, notes and lured the listeners into the mesmerising world of perfumes.

For one of our launches last year, we partnered with the travel enthusiasts who brought alive the nature-inspired world of SKINN Escapade beautifully through interesting content.

We also sampled SKINN fragrance digitally – where the consumer could order a discovery kit and sample our different fragrances to make a choice from the comfort of their homes.

All these initiatives have helped the brand enhance the connect with consumers and give them a peak into the exciting world of SKINN.

(Edited and additional inputs by Shanta Saikia.)


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