Wolf Alice’s ‘Lipstick on the Glass’ marks the season finale of Jim Beam

Internationally acclaimed alternative rock band Wolf Alice today announces the release of a haunting interpretation of ‘Lipstick on the Glass’ from their critically acclaimed 2021 No.1 album 'Blue Weekend'. Available exclusively via Jim Beam's official YouTube channel and filmed in a single take with a single tracking shot following lead singer Ellie Rowsell, the performance by Wolf Alice is the final in a series of four unique releases planned by Jim Beam Welcome Sessions across 2021.

Filmed in a range of ornate and wonderfully evocative spaces within Union Chapel, a reclaimed 19th-century Gothic church and London's most unique and awe-inspiring independent venues, Ellie is joined by the other band members, their instruments and the music, which drive the camera through the space and eventually on stage as the music builds to a crescendo. Created by the band as a love letter to the independent music scene, this unique performance is both reverential and celebratory of the importance of a space to a live performance and pays homage to this literal cathedral of live music and the slow and steady rebirth of the global live music scene.

Ellie Rowsell from Wolf Alice says: "As performers, there are just some venues that you connect with musically and emotionally that can be rooted in memories of seeing live music there or the spectacle of the space, but it's also the people that make it what it is. Live music is a community, creating one on stage with your fellow musicians and the audience through your music and the experience around it. It's a coming together of people passionate about the live experience to create an irreplaceable and utterly unique shared experience. Going to gigs made us want to do what we do, which is why it's heartbreaking to see so many close their doors. When we had the opportunity as part of the Jim Beam Welcome Sessions, we chose Union Chapel. It has incredible acoustics and is visually very beautiful and for me haa sense of nostalgia as I grew up nearby and even did an annual Christmas concert with the local community choir here. We wanted to play 'Lipstick on the Glass' for its melodic grandeur that we hope pays homage to the space we are in. It's a privilege to play here and something we will collectively remember forever.”

Working in partnership with renowned music production team La Blogotheque and photographer Nick Helderman - famed for collaborations with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Paul McCartney, Jack White, and Iggy Pop, Jim Beam Welcome Sessions is reuniting top artists with the iconic venues that gave them their first stage to film one-of-a-kind performances. This multi-year marketing effort by Jim Beam® to foster a relationship with music fans launched in June 2021 with the distinctive stylings of Jack Garratt, who brought passion to proceedings with an energetic, multi-instrumental rendition of 'Time', followed by Fontaines D.C.'s thrilling reworking of 'I Was Not Born' and a stunning rendition of ‘Valle Local’ by José González. The stage is now set for more artists to follow with live experiences in 2022 and supported by unique content and activities across the globe.

Where: Jim Beam's official YouTube channel

When: September 23rd, 2021

Artist: Wolf Alice

For more information on Jim Beam, the launch of Jim Beam Welcome Sessions go to www.jimbeam.com or visit Jim Beam's official YouTube channel,  @JimBeam, @jimbeamofficial  or the Jim Beam Facebook Page.

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