“Women in leadership are proving equality by achieving milestones across positions”

We, at Adgully, have always saluted and honored women managers and leaders across diverse fields. W-SUITE is a special initiative from Adgully that has been turning the spotlight on some of the most remarkable women achievers in the M&E, Advertising, Marketing, PR and Communications industry. In the refurbished series, we seek to find out how women leaders have been managing their teams and work as well as how they have been navigating through the toughest and most challenging times brought about by the global pandemic.

The 4th edition of Women Disruptors is all set to be held in Mumbai on Monday, March 6, 2023. This initiative from Adgully endeavors to highlight the trailblazing women leaders in India. Click here to register to attend.

In conversation with Adgully, Iffat H Jivan, Business Head, Ed-a-Mamma, speaks about how women in leadership are proving equality by achieving milestones across positions, the rise of the digital wave opening up newer opportunities for businesses, and more.

How do you think the role and scope of women leaders has widened in the current market ecosystem?

Women are naturally multi-taskers and that has been proven in a corporate context, too. Be it multinational conglomerates or new-age start-ups led by women are at a par with everyone when it comes to productivity. Women in leadership are proving equality by achieving milestones across positions. I am proud of the fact that at Ed-a-Mamma, 60% of the workforce is women and their contribution to the brand is invaluable. So, it’s not just about gaining grounds in opportunities, but demonstrating excellence as a woman has widened the scope.

What has been your learning from the pandemic?

Ed-a-Mamma was launched at the height of pandemic and it indeed worked in favour of the brand with a shift in consumer behaviour. Just when we thought that the world came to a halt, the rise of the digital wave has shifted the dynamics and opened newer opportunities for businesses, employees, and everyone else. Hence, the underlying lesson is to be adaptable to change as change is the only constant. Because come what may, the world doesn’t stop. We just need to adapt, iterate and optimise.

What is your mantra for maintaining a successful work-life balance? According to you, what makes women best in crisis management?

The secret to a happy life is to have a healthy work-life balance. Life after work has to be as passionate as within the office. I really look forward to spending time at my NGO ‘Sanctum Foundation’, which is a center for mental health and wellness.

I cherish spending time with my family on weekends with impromptu movie marathons.

Women have an inherent trait to multi-task and yet achieve excellence. With this ability, women have a natural tendency to stay calm under pressure and think towards arriving at a solution.

What are your five most efficient leadership lessons?

  • Compassion - The ability to see through others perspective is an unmissable trait for a leader. A thoughtleader should put oneself in others’ shoes to advocate or make a move as it defines the significance of outcomes that follow.
  • Hard Work - A leader should find a way to overcome whatever obstacle lies in there and their team’s path. Working hard comes intuitive to leaders and they should create an atmosphere for.
  • Teamwork - Great leaders demonstrate respect for team members by engaging with them at regular intervals and proactively seeking their inputs. Leader shouldn’t be afraid to take ownership of their own mistakes or take calculated risks. A leader knows that respect is earned through empathy, compassion, and trust.
  • Perseverance - A leader should be prepared to face adversities in businesses and set a good example for their team through patience and perseverance.
  • Stay positive - A positive leadership style not only encourages being resilient and optimistic in difficult times, but also in acknowledging and appreciating each person’s contribution in the company.

Work hard and make it happen. Success is all about hard work, persistence and finding a way even when it seems impossible.

Gender sensitivity and inclusion in the new normal – how can organisations effectively encourage and groom women leaders in challenging times?

  • Giving opportunity for women wanting to restart their professional career after a break
  • Recognising and giving credibility for the good work
  • Pushing the limits and encouraging to perform tasks out of scope with compassion

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