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Wondrlab crafts #GoWithYourFlow for Nua

Pains, cramps, a hot water bag and curling up in a ball to find comfort - that’s how periods go for women in real life. It’s not about climbing mountains, winning bicycle races and gliding across rainbows. The way that periods have been depicted in Indian advertising until now is quite unreal. Women are not all sprightly and upbeat during their periods. They need to just relax and take things at their own pace to go through the trying time. To bring this reality to light, Nua, India’s largest platform-first femtech startup onboarded Wondrlab, which designed the campaign #GoWithYourFlow for the brand. Nua has roped in Deepika Padukone as the face of their new menstrual wellness range which consists of products such as customizable sanitary pad packs, cramp comfort heat patches, intimate wash and panty liners. The brand campaign wishes to abolish stereotypes attached to menstrual health, and portray a realistic depiction of women's menstrual cycle. One film takes on the cliché of women always smiling during their periods, another; water pouring on pads, a third; women dancing freely and so on.

Speaking on the new step taken by Nua, Amit, Chief Creative Officer, of Wondrlab, said,

“When we sat with the strategy and creative teams, we realized the reality of periods is far different from its advertising. We decided to create a brand story based in reality – having real conversations and solving real period problems. Deepika was of course the perfect ambassador. She is known for her open conversations on topics that others are not comfortable speaking on – like periods. So, we had her take on cliches propagated by the category and then help solve real problems through the product in her own witty, charming way, that stands out from anything done in the category. With Wondrlab’s unique approach, we’ve created content for both top of the funnel and the bottom of the funnel through performance videos.”

Talking about the new campaign, Ravi Ramachandran, Co-Founder & CEO, Nua said, “With an aim to break the stereotype in advertising around menstrual health and to normalize the conversation about menstrual hygiene, we onboarded Wondrlab to come up with this powerful, new campaign. We found Deepika Padukone to be the perfect fit for our brand given the fact that her vision for the women of our country is in alignment with our brand’s objective. We want to spark meaningful discussions through this campaign and provide effective solutions to women in order to promote menstrual wellness. #GoWithYourFlow is a step in that direction and we will continue to build on this to foster an environment for better and healthier living for women in the years to come.”

Elaborating on the campaign, Nameeta Saigal, Head of Marketing, Nua, said, “Nua products have been designed, keeping in mind the fact that every woman’s menstrual cycle is unique. We noticed that the existing menstrual care brands offer a single size pad within every pack, even though period flow is not the same every day. Further, more than 50% of women experience varying degrees of period cramps, but there is no real solution offered to them to manage the pain. At Nua, we don’t want women to just ‘deal with it’. Our products are designed keeping women’s needs in mind and they enable them to go with their respective flows.”

The campaign focuses on young women of about 22-28 years of age as they are more likely to feel comfortable shopping for menstrual wellness products online.


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