Work for Home not an option for Truckers says CEAT

Ogilvy & CEAT release a film that is CEAT's ode to the least recognised and least thanked member of the supply chain family - the trucker.

The truckers are the ones whose trucks have converted into their houses because of their long strenuous run on the road for a thankless job, the ones who spend a lifetime trudging through tedious dangerous roads, braving both bad weather and poor road conditions and all that comes with this system for just one reason - to keep the arteries of this nation circulating with essential supplies!

Taking the metaphor of houses that move, 'Kuch makaan chalte hain', celebrates the trucker, and in doing so reinforces brand CEAT's sincere intent to make a difference beyond just lip service. The good part is, this intent translates into action as well, with CEAT actively making a difference to the lives of truckers, by sanitising thousands of trucks, tying up with fuel stations and providing free meals, all of this standing true to the brand's motto - 'It helps'.

Harsh Bhatt, Executive Vice President, Ogilvy Mumbai: "There are people who get due recognition and there are the unsung warriors. This is an ode to one such set of unsung warriors – truckers. For whom WFH doesn’t exist. Who, even in these uncertain times, are carting essentials all over the country so that our homes keep running smoothly."

CEAT, in line with its credo ‘it helps’ has been lending a helping hand to truckers by providing them free meals, among other things. That is our way of thanking the people who are running the nation seamlessly even today.

Amit Tolani, Vice President Marketing, CEAT: "Almost everything that influences our daily lives, from food to phones to computers, are delivered by a truck driven by an unsung hero – the trucker. For truckers, the lockdown period has been even more challenging as they have had to deliver essential goods with little or no time to care for themselves."

In gratitude for their thankless service, CEAT has been distributing free meals to the truckers and ensures their vehicles are sanitized, offering the truckers a safe working environment. CEAT will continue to support Truckers and Fleets - the real heroes in the tireless effort to keep us safe and comfortable in our homes.


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