Year 2016 - A Quick Look Ahead

Though the year 2016 started two days back, it is the first day in office for most of us in the new year, and hence here is wishing you a happy New Year once again.  May you win more accounts, your agency wins more awards and if you started a new venture may it attain newer heights.

Look back 2015 is done with, resolutions have been made (and in some cases broken already), and it is time to have a closer look at 2016. The year is expected to be as eventful as 2015 and many of the activities initiated in 2015 are expected to gain momentum this year.

Here is’s list of top happenings anticipated in 2016:

a. With rural ratings becoming a part of the BARC ratings, we would see the emergence of Amagi like services gaining momentum.  Most marketers (barring luxury and premium ones) want to reach both urban and rural markets but perhaps for different brands and differentiated pack sizes. While it can be an éclair in villages, it may be a chocolate bar in cities, or sachets in villages, and shampoo bottles in cities. The year would see the beginning of low spillover in mass channels.

b. Free Basics, if at all. brought in India would be with several modifications.  Digital goes way beyond marketing and being a media – it is a platform. With Make in India coming to the fore and e-entrepreneurship gaining momentum in India a level playing field, no doubt, is the order of the day.

c. Native advertising, though would gain momentum, there would be rules and regulations to differentiate between editorial and native advertising.  Audience would take the final call as to buy-or-not-to-buy after fully understanding whether the brand is being written about in an editorial piece of is being advertised.

d. The ongoing FCT debate would hopefully be put to rest  - however we have no guesstimates as to which we it would go.

e. As for radio, we might hear of a few mergers and takeovers already – as many testing the waters for the first times and not being able to compete with big fish might want to withdraw.  Reminds us of investor flats if we use real estate terminology.

f. A lot of movement is anticipated in the OOH space, be in terms of buyouts, people movement or advent of new tools and technologies. An adaptable medium, it would use digital far more extensively.

g. App only and mobile advertising would be the areas to watch out for. If we don’t see a boom in mobile advertising this year, it perhaps never would happen. Mobile first though is a given already. 

h. Though there is not much to predict about print – one sure hopes the medium gains a new momentum, and this time around media, technology and agencies come up with a solution that marries digital and print in a much better way.


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