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"Yeh COVID khatam kaahe nahi hota bhe?!",'s new DVC

Yeh COVID na...2020 gharmein aur 2021 darr mein! Happened to you, didn’t it? Happened to us as well. And to the entire world, we presume. To voice the sentiments of frustrated people from across the country,, India’s largest D2C home and sleep solutions company, presents The Honest Office-goer's Rant.

From uncertainty about going back to work to worrying about a new variant of COVID-19 that might wreak havoc, 2021 has been challenging for each and every Indian. The new campaign video features Sumeet Vyas as the protagonist, and encapsulates the emotional turbulence people have been going through in the past year, in a light hearted manner.

'Work from home' has been the most prominent outcome worldwide for office goers amid a coronavirus-ridden world. As several months passed and people transformed their homes into office-like environments, the relationship and the bond with homes and home furnishings have increased. The Honest Office-goer's Rant (which is a successor to the viral BartanDho Liye video that was introduced as part of the Open Letters campaign by, highlights how the new normal and WFH has fostered a close relationship between people and their homes.

Talking about the video Prateek Malpani, Head of Brand, said, “In the last two years, people have reoriented their way of living between the four walls of their homes. While doing so, many people have naturally channeledtheir energies into livening up their surroundings, leading to an increasing interest in the home furniture segment.”

He further added,’s campaigns are targeted at sparking the interest of every family in the country. Through quirky and witty initiatives like these, we try and echo each other’s sentiments, while also addressing the importance of investing in their homes.”

Sandeep Balan, Partner - Branded Content at Spring Marketing Capital, who was an instrumental part of creating this campaign, said, "The campaigns we collaborate with on always have a dash of wit and humor, to go with the core brand messages. The Honest Office-goer's rant is another out-of-the-box attempt to showcase the pulse of the average Indian citizen and build brand resonance."

In 2020, when the first wave of COVID 19 broke out, launched the Open Letters Campaign which aimed to evoke a sense of empathy and assure people that we are in this together, as a community and will come out of it stronger, if we stand together. The series of videos was hosted on's branded content channel, Home Time. The Home Time channel on YouTube attempts to publish topical content that is set in humorous and relatable storylines.



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