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If you’re in an advertising agency, you would have seen colourful ads in your office, promoting the Young Lotus contest. The talented young guns from FCB Interface tailored the theme for Adfest’s 2019’s Young Lotus contest. And guess what, the ads are made from real food! This year’s agenda for Young Lotus contest is inviting ideas to end food wastage.

The creative team racked their brains and, on the theme, and came up with the idea of looking inside and introspecting rather than looking outside and looking for issues that need attention. The thought was to take up issues within our industry and further narrowing it down, to our own agency! And hence the hard-hitting communication that shows ads being made from wasted food was devised, urging for ideas to put an end to food wastage.

The ads have been completely made by the food wasted in leading advertising agencies where there is a huge kitchen space. FCB Interface collected all the food waste and then designed posters on a life size canvas. The production house McTolan Films collaborated with FCB to execute these posters. Check out the video to see how these posters were made.

Lending perspective, Robby Mathew, CCO, FCB Interface said, “The idea was simple – make a ‘food-wastage’ poster using the food wasted by advertising people, every day. The difficult part was rummaging through the waste bins of all the leading advertising agencies, carting away the food in mini trucks, then creating the 14 feet by 19 feet layouts with putrefying food, hanging from a crane to shoot the artwork, all the while shooing away the crows and dogs that were hell bent on eating the poster!”

Speaking about the campaign, Rohit Ohri, Group Chairman & CEO, FCB India and Chairman, Young Lotus Selection Team at AAAI said, “This piece of work was not just a call for entries it was a call for behaviour change. The ‘personalisation’ of our communication helped shatter the ‘we don’t waste food’ illusion. Making the need to address this issue urgent and immediate.”



Client: Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI)

Brand Team: Sudesh Kapoor, Chetan Salian

Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: Rohit Ohri

Chief Creative Officer: Robby Mathew

Chief Executive Officer: Joemon Thaliath

Senior Creative Director: Mukesh Jadhav, Ashutosh Joshi

Art Directors: Durgesh Satish Amble, Ketan Sudhir Kadam, Shireesh Bhavsar, Ashwini Raorane

Copywriters: Vignesh Iyer, Adith Mili Francis Fernandes, Imaan Surve

Account Management: Cornell Rocha, Andrea D’souza

Print Production: Hemant Randive, Aditya Dighe, Sajid Sheikh, Dilip Indule, Akash Surve

Photographer/Director: Aslam K Puriyal, Akhil, Raunak Kanade

Producer: Nizam Tolan, Dildar Tolan 

Production House: McTolan Films


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