YouTube alone had 16% share of Digital ad insertions in 2021: TAM AdEx

Digital saw exceptional rise of 60% in Y 2021 over Y 2020, as per TAM AdEx data. The 4th quarter witnessed 62% increase in Ad Insertions compared to combined average of the first 3 quarters of Y 2021. Compared to Y 2018, Y 2021 saw 4% growth in Digital Ad Insertions. The Oct-Dec period of Y 2021 saw a significant increase in Digital advertising, with Dec’21 being the month of highest ad insertions.

During the year 2021, the Services sector had a 46% share of the Digital Ad Insertions, followed by Computers with 11% share. The Top 2 sectors together added more than 50% share of the Ad Insertions on Digital. Retail, Personal Accessories and Personal Care/ Personal Hygiene were the new entrants in the Top 10 sectors’ list, while Auto and F&B sectors observed positive rank shifts. The Retail sector moved up by 7 positions to enter the Top 10 list.

Five out of the Top 10 categories were from the Services sector. Ecom-Media/ Entertainment/ Social Media category retained its 1st position during Y 2021, compared to Y 2020. Multiple Courses was the new entrant among the Top 10 categories in Y 2021. The Top 10 categories added 44% share of Digital Ad Insertions.

Top 10 Advertisers contributed 14% share of Ad Insertions in Digital. Amazon Online India topped the advertisers’ list on Digital, followed by Grammarly Inc. Zero1 Inc moved to the 3rd rank in Y 2021 with a substantial rank shift over Y 2020. Six among the Top 10 Advertisers were new entrants in Y 2021.

The Top 10 Brands contributed 12% share of Digital Ad Insertions. Grammarly Keyboard was the top brand on Digital during Y 2021, followed by During Y 2021, there were total 90K+ brands present on Digital. Seven out of the Top 10 brands were from the E-Com sector.

Over 400 Categories registered positive growth. Among the growing categories, Software saw highest increase in Ad Insertions with growth of 2.6x, followed by Ecom-Other Services with 2x growth during Y 2021, compared to Y 2020. In terms of growth %, Ecom-Jobs category witnessed the highest growth % among the Top 10, that is, 47x. Seven of Top 10 growing categories belonged to the E-Com sector.

Over 54K advertisers and 66K+ brands exclusively advertised during Y 2021, compared to Y 2020. In comparison to Y 2020, ranked first among exclusive advertisers and brands in Y 2021. Five of the Top 10 exclusive brands belonged to the E-com sector.

In Y 2021, YouTube alone had 16% share of Digital Ad Insertions. Excluding YouTube, maintained its position as the leading publisher in terms of advertising during Y 2021, compared to Y 2020. also stepped up by 2 positions to achieve 2nd rank in Y 2021, compared to 4th rank in Y 2020.

Desktop Display topped with almost half of Digital Ad Insertions during Y 2021, followed by Mobile Display in the 2nd position with 32% share. Ad Network was the most popular method for promoting Ads on Digital platforms, accounting for 61% of total Ad Insertions, followed by Programmatic method with 17% share in Y 2021. Ad Network method saw 19% rise in share during Y 2021, compared to Y 2020.

Banner ads grabbed the highest Insertions (43%) on Digital, closely followed by HTML5 with 40% share. Video followed in the 3rd position, accounting for 17% share in Y 2021.


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