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Zee Theatre presents three insightful Marathi teleplays

Zee Theatre's curation of diverse human stories with a universal resonance continues to gather momentum in the new year. This month, with a special focus on regional narratives, it will screen three acclaimed Marathi plays, 'Selfie,' 'U-Turn,' and 'U-Turn 2' on Tata Sky Theatre. The plays explore social and personal dilemmas with insight and are relatable at many levels.
An overview of the offerings:

Actress Shilpa Navalkar made her debut as a playwright with ‘Selfie‘, an engrossing narrative about women from different walks of life. Swati Kautekar, a nurse in a private hospital, Vibhavari, an English  professor, Tanuja Sharma, a housewife, Shalmali Pradhan, a well-known  actress, and Meenakshi, a vice-president of a company, are all women who  happen to meet one another in a waiting room of a train station. As they begin to get comfortable in each other's presence, these young and  middle-aged women from different walks of life share their outlook on life  and society in general and take a closer, critical look at their own lives.

Directed by Ajit Bhure, the teleplay stars Sukanya Kulkarni, Rujuta Deshmukh, Poorva Gokhale, Shilpa Navalkar and Sonali Pandit.  

Tune in to Tatasky Theatre on January 16 to watch 'Selfie' at 12 pm and 7 pm.
This award-winning play revolves around a retired and divorced army officer, Major Sudhir and a widow, Rama. Their reflections depict their different attitudes towards life and question the narrow Indian mentality towards the concept of companionship. The two lonely souls want to spend the twilight of their life together but their children are against the idea.  The theme of the play revolves around the companionship that a man and woman share and how their relationship goes through various ups and downs.  

Directed by Anand Mhasvekar, the play stars Girish Oak and Ila Bhate.  

Tune in to Tatasky Theatre on January 23 to watch 'U- Turn' at 12 pm and 7 pm.

U-Turn 2:
The play narrates what happens when army veteran Major Sudhir decides to visit his widowed friend Rama in Pune. Rama who lives alone, is excited to see him but is wary of  societal disapproval and the reactions of her neighbours. However, when Major Sudhir suffers a heart attack, she not only admits him to the hospital but also takes care of him post his discharge. Seeing them together, people begin to get curious and their probing questions make Rama increasingly defensive and uncomfortable. Will the two tackle the negativity coming their way with courage and stand their ground? Or will they give in and go their separate ways?
Directed by Anand Mhasvekar, the play stars Girish Oak and Ila Bhate.  

Tune in to Tatasky Theatre on January 30 to watch 'U-Turn 2’ at 12 pm and 7 pm.

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