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ZEE TV Presents 'Piyaa Albela" Premieres on 6th March

He is on a path of spirituality, with questions about life unanswered by the God he is asked to worship. Studying psychology, more in the classroom of his mind and soul than an average college, Naren barely even reads the news. Unkempt in appearance and erratic in his manner, he is looked upon as reclusive and anti-social. Lost in his own world of meditation, the poor little rich boy is a rebel, a maze his own parents have failed to decipher.

She, on the other hand, is everything that he isn't. Pooja is a beautiful second year B. Com student - warm, confident and a complete people's person. Her talents range from being a karate champ who can straighten wayward boys trying to get fresh with her to dancing like a dream at the culturual nights of her university. Miss Congeniality is the apple of her Mama's eyes. It is in his care that she has been raised ever since her mother passed away. But with the Mama's wife clearly outlining the distinction between Ma and Mami, Pooja has always been thirsty for maternal affection.

Having spotted Pooja, Naren's parents are convinced that it would take a girl of her personality traits to befriend their son, understand him and win him over. In a modern day interpretation of the classic Vishwamitra Menaka love story, watch what happens a worried set of parents approach Pooja to rouse him from his spiritual slumber and wake him up to the practicalities of the real world. Produced by Rajshri Productions spearheaded by the legendary film-maker Sooraj R. Barjatya, Piyaa Albela premieres at 8:30 PM on Monday, 6th March and will air every Monday to Friday on Zee TV. The show features noted Marathi actor Akshay Mhatre as it male lead Naren while the lovely Sheen Das makes her debut as the leading lady Pooja with the show.

Zee TV Deputy Business Head Deepak Rajadhyaksha says, "Our content at the 8:30 PM slot, over the last couple of years, has been a game-changer for the industry. Jamai Raja, which now draws to close, broke stereotypes and placed the spotlight firmly on the male protagonist in an otherwise female-oriented domain. The show not only set a strong differentiator but met with an overwhelming response and has had a glorious run of over 2 years. Replacing the show is Piyaa Albela where we partner with Sooraj ji to introduce audiences to yet another unique male protagonist, one unlike any other you have seen on television so far. The story is a contemporary love story where two contrasting souls - one deeply spiritual and the other worldly and practical are brought together by way of a contract and with an agenda to fulfill. The chemistry that unfolds gradually between the two makes for a very compelling narrative that we hope our audiences will appreciate."

Producer Sooraj R. Barjatya says, "The concept of a sage in meditation and a temptress attempting to break his penance is a very limited view of the  Vishwamitra Menaka story. Very few people know of the love story between them. Our story is not mythological - it is set in contemporary times with real, relatable characters. It  has elements, however, that can be compared to the classic.  Our protagonist Pooja is approached by Naren's parents to ignite a spark for the real world within him. But how the two react to each other at the outset and then gradually come closer in the course of their interactions forms the crux of Piyaa Albela. We are pleased to have found the ideal Naren and Pooja in Akshay and Sheen, both making their fiction debuts as leads. Akshay's eyes exude the brooding intensity required of Naren while Sheen has the verve, grace and positivity that Pooja needs to embody. The show is set in Dehradun and Hrishikesh. We look forward to a great response."

Piyaa Albela premieres at 8:30 PM on Monday, 6th March and will air every Monday to Friday on Zee TV.


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