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Zee tv set to regale its viewers with a riveting drama, Aggar Tum Na Hote

Over the last three decades, Zee TV has built a strong connect with its audiences through some inspiring narratives and endearing characters that have emerged as India's favourite dinner table companions. Once again, the channel is set to regale its viewers with a riveting drama, Aggar Tum Na Hote - the story of a mentally unstable, rich, young man whose only ray of hope is his nurse who refuses to give up on him after even the senior-most doctors have thrown up their hands. The show premieres on 9th November and will air every Monday to Friday at 10:30pm on Zee TV. 

Aggar Tum Na Hote introduces you to Abhimanyu Pandey (played by television actor Himanshu Soni) - who is at most times a charming, rich young man but prone to moments of sudden aggression and self-destruction due to his mental instability. Standing firmly by his side will be Niyati Mishra (played by television actress Simaran Kaur), a young, dedicated nurse who can go to any lengths for the well-being of her patients. While most seem to have concluded that Abhimanyu is beyond all scope of recovery, Niyati has a strong instinct that he can be cured and that it is she who must take charge of the situation and nurse him back to stability.

In order to give the media an authentic flavour of the show's core premise, Zee TV pulled off a unique stunt where reporters got to experience the volatility of Abhimanyu's erratic disposition LIVE in Mumbai.  Right in the middle of a pleasant conversation with a journalist, actor Himanshu Soni - staying true to his character Abhimanyu, snapped at him out of nowhere and created quite a stir as he lapsed into a self-destructive mode, shouting, beating himself and flinging things around. It was actress Simaran Kaur who rushed to his rescue and saved the situation as only her character Niyati knows about his mental condition. This representation of the daily struggle that patients like Abhimanyu go through and how dedicated nurses like Niyati help them out was indeed an eye-opener for many and helped establish what the show is all bout in a poignant manner.

Talking about the concept of the show, Zee TV Business Head Aparna Bhosle said,Our upcoming show – Aggar Tum Na Hote explores an unusual dynamic between its lead protagonists where a dedicated nurse becomes the last ray of hope for a mentally unstable young man after even the best of doctors give up on him. Does her unwavering determination to cure him stem from a connection they share in the past? Viewers will have to watch the show to find out! We hope to strengthen our late primetime band with two new offerings  Aggar Tum Na Hote and Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na between 10 and 11 PM."

Show Producers Jatin Sethi, Mahesh Pandey and Piyush Gupta said, “Aggar Tum Na Hote is all about having that one person in life that doesn't give up on you, even if everyone else does. It is sometimes these relentlessly optimistic motivators and support systems that help us come out and tide over our challenges. So, we have a very interesting dynamic between our two lead protagonists which should give us a fantastic canvas for storytelling."

Himanshu Soni who will be seen as Abhimanyu said“To be honest, when I was approached for the role, I was quite taken aback by the story because while we’ve seen a few films on mentally unstable people, there aren't too many TV shows that come to mind. My character has an impenetrable depth with layers that viewers will gradually peel and get to see over a period of time."

The show's leading lady Simaran Kaur added“Niyati’s character has quite an intense touch to it since it is a blend of a zestful personality alongside being a responsible, care-giving nurturer.  Having an optimistic, pragmatic approach to problems is something both Niyati and I (Simaran) have in common. The show has a beautiful story to narrate, and I hope I am able to bring it alive for the audiences in the most authentic manner.”

While Aggar Tum Na Hote has managed to create a lot of intrigue amongst people ever since the promo was launched, it will be interesting to see to what lengths will Niyati go to treat Abhimanyu and bring him back to normalcy? Is there a past connection between the two that they are unaware of?

To know more, stay tuned for Aggar Tum Na Hote, which premieres on 9th November and airs every Monday to Friday at 10:30pm, only on Zee TV


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