Zero Latency – India’s First Virtual Gaming Experience

ZERO LATENCY is pioneer and global leader in free roam, multiplayer virtual reality entertainment, with 24 venues in 13 countries across 4 continents that offer a unique virtual reality experience for up to eight friends in a warehouse-sized space. Fight epic adventures or battle each other in immersive, mind-blowing settings. Take on zombies, robots, drones or your mates and compare your scores. Reviving social gaming, getting gamers out of their homes and bringing them together again.

Zero Latency is an Australia based company; they opened the world's first VR entertainment venue in North Melbourne, Australia in August 2015. As of March 2021, It is present in 46 locations in 22 countries. One of the world’s best free-roam VR gaming experiences where you can roam around in an area of 2000 sq. feet without wires! Featuring state-of-the-art, award-winning technology from one of the pioneers in VR entertainment, players can move around freely, as well as talk, interact and strategize with their team-mates in real time. Choose from a variety of exciting multiplayer games ranging from cooperative like games surviving the zombie apocalypse or rescuing a space station from robots.

Game Description

You and your friends are the stars of a post-apocalyptic game show in an ‘80s-retro world.

Fight your way up a multi-level arena for the enjoyment of a crowd hungry for mayhem, and the amusement of one wildly enthusiastic game show host.

Win, and become legends. Lose, and join the horde.

Get ready for Undead Arena!


This is the new zombie game with a slightly different theme and a successor to our previous bestseller ‘Zombie Survival’. It is an arcade-style co-operative experience that takes zombie shooting to newer heights. The game duration is 15 minutes.


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