Zirca Digital Solutions received its first-ever patent for ContentiQ

Taking another successful step towards innovating and staying ahead of the curve, Zirca Digital Solutions has recently acquired its patent for ContentiQ. This latest patented product is designed to help brands and agencies ease their campaign and account strategy. It offers a unified dashboard, on a SaaS platform, using which campaigns can be managed and optimized to achieve the campaign goals with high effectiveness.

The dashboard consolidates results from across CDNs: search, social, video as well as various publishers. It presents a holistic view of consumer responses on ads and sets of recommendations using which ad performance can be crafted to address the primary campaign objective.

Zirca aims to aid brands to customise consumer conversations  through ContentiQ by placing consumers’ responses firmly at the core. This ensures that the message is communicated in the best-suited format, relevant to the consumers, and promises to deliver objectives effectively. 

Being an independent global digital solutions provider with a passion for results, Zirca also enables brands to integrate ad response data with their CRM, thus, giving them a transparent view of digital spending. Zirca’s unique understanding of the consumer is also achieved through its partnerships and innovation. By providing a different perspective on the attribution of sales on the digital spends, it closes a big gap in understanding the drivers of product sales.

 Neena Dasgupta (CEO and Director, Zirca Digital Solutions) said, “This patent places Zirca into a unique position in delivering and optimising multi-dimensional campaign objectives for a brand. With this differentiated offering, we can ensure high returns for clients’ spends on advertising. Tying up various aspects of campaigns and ad management to ensure that these objectives are met is among the firsts in the industry. We’re delighted with ContentiQ being our first patented product.”

 Karan Gupta (Managing Director, Zirca Digital Solutions) adds, “We are applying for patent for this product in several countries so that Zirca’s unrivalled approach is recognized across different markets. Clients in these markets will be able to utilize our tailored services to fulfil their localized objectives.” 

Zirca’s patented product ContentiQ also enables entities who are investing in ad spends to reconcile the responses of the ads using Blockchain technology.  


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