Zomato’s light-hearted approach to water conservation creates impact

Water crisis is an ongoing battle in the country and the government is constantly trying to find solutions for India’s water problems. Chennai has been in the news as the metro city ran out of drinking water after three of its four reservoirs ran dry, leaving its over 11 million residents scampering for the scarce resource.

Along with Chennai, several cities and villages in the country are approaching zero water day in the near future, as Government reports show. Both government and citizens are working in partnership to prevent a situation when there is no clean drinking water.

Addressing the grave situation, Zomato came up with a series of tweets, urging people to conserve water. However, instead of a grim, preachy approach, the food delivery company took the light-hearted way to get its point across with tweets like “SAVE WATER: otherwise chai kaise banaoge” and “SAVE WATER: otherwise panipuri will just be puri”.


Given its high social media engagement, Zomato has taken it upon itself to spread awareness about such humanitarian issues.

Speaking about this moment marketing initiative, Digital Marketing Expert and avid Development Communicator, Nitin Bhatia remarked, “It is certainly a good initiative from brands to become socially active and address environmental issues in creative ways. One can say that the attempt from Zomato will have the reach to their audience, considering the amount of followers they have. The impact it will have is something which only time will tell. To ensure impact, such messaging can’t be limited to one-time wonders. They have to do this on a sustained basis and associate with a cause on a long term basis, so that they can be listed under the ‘agents of change’.”

Some tweets that brought in a dose of humour:


Meanwhile, other brands, too, have been playing their part to not only save water but also save the environment. Raw Pressery recently took up an initiative called RAWCycle for recycling plastic waste, Colgate partnered with Metro Cash and Carry for a save water program, while PepsiCo helped people to access safe drinking water.

With the growing water crisis, brands are going beyond mere promotions and consumer engagement initiatives and taking up the mantle of social crusaders.


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