Zoomcar partners with Pocket Aces to create viral comedy sketch video

Zoomcar, India’s largest shared mobility platform has partnered with India's leading digital media entertainment company Pocket Aces to create a short video comedy sketch titled “If Salary Were A Person”. The video was released on Pocket Aces’ short video content channel FilterCopy and is part of Zoomcar’s new product, ‘ZAP Subscribe’ - a flagship fractional sharing program where one can subscribe to a car on a monthly basis and technically have the flexibility of having new car whenever you want. The brands have also previously collaborated on Dice Media’s hit show “What The Folks!” as well as three highly successful FilterCopy videos.

The video is Zoomcar’s fourth collaboration with FilterCopy and is a humorous take on how monthly salaries affect a person’s life. Our lifestyle depends on our monthly salary, changing dramatically as the month progresses and our bank balance dwindles. At the beginning of the month, you’re on good terms with your salary, using it for necessities but also of course, indulging yourself. By mid-month, you start trying to preserve your salary but still end up taking it for granted and by end of the month, it's all gone and it’s a struggle to get by. Keeping in mind the lifestyle that today’s generation craves, the video helps us understand how subscribing a car is more advantageous than owning a car as it enables individuals to subscribe to a new car at a fixed monthly fee and allows them to manage their expenses is a desired way.

 Commenting on this partnership, Harish Rawat, Chief Marketing Officer, Zoomcar said, “We are happy to partner again with Pocket Aces team on India's First Car Subscription platform ZAP. For a majority, the decision to purchase a car is a burden. It often comes along with compromises one has to do with their lifestyle to make that hefty downpayment or service an expensive loan! A service such as ZAP Subscribe enables them to get a car at zero down-payment with zero loan. One can save on monthly payments by sharing the car with other Zoomcar users. Thereby, reducing the burden of car ownership on their salary!The Pocket Aces team brings out a fresh, unique and innovative way of how choices affect salary if one is not smart."

Aditi Shrivastava, Co-founder of Pocket Aces shared, “Zoomcar has been a solid partner since the beginning, trusting us with content choices, and allowing us the flexibility to bring the brand messaging out in various interesting and diverse ways. The long term partnership has also made our audience very familiar and comfortable with the Zoomcar / Zap product, and this is reflected in the conversions that the brand is seeing. We encourage more brands to look at content being an always-on marketing solution, and look forward to creating more exciting content with Zoomcar in the months to come.”


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