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Zuckerberg lays out the plan for adding new tools for Instagram Creators

Facebook is planning to add more tools on Instagram for the creators to make money for their efforts. This will also include improved creator shops, new Branded Content promotions and an improved influencer marketplace to connect users and brands.

The plan was shared by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a live-stream chat with Instagram chief Adam Mosseri in which they discussed about upcoming features by Facebook and to establish a more welcoming process, particularly for the upcoming talent to monetize and create a kind of “creator middle class".

According to Zuckerberg, the existing tool for e-commerce marketing on facebook and instagram are going to remain the same but would be open to a broader range of users, aside from just business accounts.


CEO Zuckerberg said, “We see a lot of creators setting up shops too, and one part of being a content creator business model is you create great content, and then you can sell stuff, and so having creator shops is awesome.”

With the addition of new tool on Instagram, creators will now be able to establish better audience connection and to generate income from their efforts. 

Zuckerberg also mentioned about the new integration that they are looking forward in terms of ad offerings, which would enable creators to get paid directly for promoting products within the app.

 "[Creators] should be able to get a cut of the sales of things that they're recommending, and we should build up an affiliate recommendation marketplace to enable that to all happen.”

Facebook is also working on a new built-in framework for revenue share which will simplify the brand partnerships, and provide more established source of revenue for creators.

Lastly, Zuckerberg also noted that they are working on improvement of branded content marketplace on Instagram which was established back in 2019, and would seek to match relevant brands and creators for promotions.



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