10% of myFanPark’s profits will be used to give back to the society: Shailendra Singh

myFanPark India is a new platform that aims to transform the way fans can connect with celebrities. The platform allows fans to request and purchase personalised, video-recorded messages from some of the country’s most popular personalities. Actors, musicians, sportsmen, and women, social media influencers, and celebrities across the country will now be just a click away.

In conversation with Adgully, Shailendra Singh, Director, myFanPark India, speaks about his thoughts behind bringing the app to India, difficulties faced for getting celebrities on board and much more.

What is your larger thought behind bringing myFanPark to India?

In this digital age of communication and relationships, myFanPark is the perfect digital bridge between fans and celebs. India has millions of celebrities from the north to the south from the east to the west, we possibly are the only country in the world to have these numbers of celebrities, so the engagement is a reality and the potential for the growth in India is immense.

Is it easy to get celebrities on board?

Luckily, India’s definition of celebs ranges from actors, athletes, musicians to influencers, TikTok & YouTube stars, and another thousand categories that can be termed as celebrity. We feel extremely confident of the market strategy that we have in motion.

What is the business model and which are your key markets in the initial stages?

The key markets for us to start with are the west and north in Phase 1. Currently, myFanPark retains 25 per cent of the sale proceeds, while 75 per cent goes to the artist.

Will myFanPark India work for celebrity endorsements as well?

A very good question! myFanPark has got a unique product offering and rollout. Stage 1 is engagement through personalised video shout-outs and Stage 2 is to build a social network between celebs and fans, pretty much the next level of Facebook.

Do you see a rural connect for your brand?

Yes! We see a large potential for us in the rural markets. The celeb market is huge even in belts like Bihar, the east and deep down north. So, whether we talk about Punjabi music icons, Bhojpuri actors/ comedians, or poets from central India and Rajasthan, the potential is huge.

There is a charity element to the business. Tell us more about that.

10 per cent of the profits of myFanPark will be used to give back to the society and that comes from the mindset of the promoters and directors as we truly believe in giving back.

You have been a serial entrepreneur. Does the myFanPark experience remind you of any of your earlier startups?

myFanPark for me is a combination of my two companies, which is Percept Talent Management (PTM) and Percept Picture Company (PPC). Celebs, content and engagement – it’s a lethal winning combination.

How do you ensure that data of both fans and celebrities is secure?

We are following industry norms and principles and feel rather fortunate that the digital media space is very arrived and mature. We will constantly innovate, luckily we don’t have to invent.

Have you discovered a new range of celebrities with this business? Is the definition of celebrities changing?

Yes! The three new categories are influencers, YouTube and Tik-Tok stars. The social fabric of celebs is ever expanding like never before, world over and now also in India.


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