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15 models make their way into the Livon MTV Supermodel of the Year 2

The paradigm for what constitutes beauty is witnessing a welcoming change. Ten years ago, could you have imagined seeing a model who wasn’t young, fair-skinned, and stick-thin on the ramp? While the road ahead is a long one, myths continue to be broken, stereotypes continue to be smashed, and MTV Supermodel of the Year is here with 15 talented personalities who are all set to unleash their potential in the second season. Celebrating the theme of #UnapologeticallyYou, the first two episodes open up with models from various walks of life talking about why they are a perfect match for the show with their inspiring tales, all donned in Bloni Atelier’s dead drop gorgeous collection!

The proficient models have entered the fierce competition, for the one supreme goal of becoming the Supermodel of the Year! While Monisha Sen, Kashish Ratnani, Nishi Bharadwaj, Anaika Nair, Muna Gauchan, Diksha Thapa, Swapna Priyadarshini, are all trained and set to fire up that ramp with their majestic beauty, style and that walk, some of the contestants will blow your mind with their stimulating stories.

Eksha Hangma Subba, hailing from Gangtok, inspired everyone with her enthralling story of being a cop and a national level boxer apart from being a model and a biker. She was also a COVID frontline worker while maintaining her profession and passion. Siya Malasi from Mumbai, made a landmark impression with her coming out as a transgender story and how she is now acing the modelling world while embracing her journey from Saurabh to Sia. Pearl Seth got everyone emotional when she spoke about how she starved herself initially to become a model but now is very much concerned about being a healthy one. Thomasina D’Mello’s self-empowering story of bailing out from a toxic and abusive relationship in order to accomplish her dream inspired everyone. Palak Singhal from Gurgaon, was color shamed owing to her brown skin, but the way she has delegated for herself and bloomed, made everyone proud. Roshni Dada, from Arunachal Pradesh, a nursing student, against the orthodox patriarchal community has blossomed as a beautiful model fighting her way to touch the clouds. Jayshree Roy, a sporty girl with a complicated family background indulging in self harming now has matured into a confident model who doesn’t shy away from being called the ‘tattooed model’ and side by side is fighting her journey of slip disk and breast tumor. Joanne Fernandes’ parents separated when she was a six months baby and didn’t really had her family around. She stood strong as a one woman army to make her dreams come true.

While the esteemed panelists – Malaika Arora, Milind Soman and Anusha Dandekar were delighted to see the dynamic faces all ready to battle it out for becoming the one Supermodel, the ruthless competition has already begun and as a format of the show only 10 divas can go ahead from this stage. Tune into the captivating episode of Supermodel of the Year, this Sunday at 7 PM only on MTV to know who stays and who bids goodbye to the show.


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