6 Trends That Disrupted the Gaming Industry

Over the last few years, the gaming industry and online casinos in india has blossomed into the fastest growing industries in the world. The influx of trends such as augmented reality, mobile-driven gaming, advanced consoles, and incremental updates, and much more have played a key role in revolutionizing the industry and unlocking the gateways for the much-evolved generation of gamers. There are no two ways that gaming has become so integrated with modern popular culture.

 From game developers to investors to markers, all are constantly working together to build a gaming ecosystem that is exciting and prosperous for the new generation of gamers.

 Without any further ado, let’s shed some light on the top trends that have been playing a key role in disrupting the gaming world:

 Augmented Reality

This comprehensive technology makes a large impact on the gaming industry while covering other industries such as automotive, healthcare, retail, marketing, education, e-commerce, military, and much more. 

 Do you remember how Pokemon Go garnered accolades and appreciation? All thanks to augmented reality, the game was a huge hit among millions. Augmented reality has been mesmerizing us with the innovative amalgamation of the real world with the virtual world. Players are going gaga over the digital immersive environments they are getting and feeling like having a personal interaction. AR games can be played on smartphones, tablets, and portable gaming systems. 


Virtual Reality

Just like augmented reality, virtual reality has exceeded the expectations of players by providing an unbeatable gaming experience to the modern players. By facilitating an immersive simulation of a three-dimensional environment, VR games have grabbed the attention of millions. After analyzing the potential market in this sphere, various large-scale game development companies have joined the bandwagon of the video game business. 

 The new era pertaining to virtual reality has commenced after the announcement of the prototypes of Samsung Gear VR and Oculus VR. The VR headset is equipped with hand controllers and tracking technology to assure a high degree of engagement.

 Incremental Console Upgrades

Gone are the days when ‘no significant console upgrades’ used to be a common thing. The current trend is to release incremental console upgrades every year or two. Players always want to get the best when it comes to gaming and game developers (to survive in the cutting edge competition) work hard to introduce the incremental updates. To constantly provide the best to the player best, various hardware manufacturers, like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo come up with incremental console upgrades for their products. Every year or two, a brand new version of the current game system is released with exciting or upgraded features to make players hook to the game.

You can see that both Xbox and Sony introduced new iterations of Xbox and PS4. Xbox came up with Xbox One S, offering slight hardware upgrades along with a much sleeker body, and also the Xbox Scorpio, which boasts significant hardware upgrades.

Mobile Based Gaming

The definition of modern gaming used to revolve around hefty game set-ups or expensive consoles until mobile gaming came into limelight. Because of the easy availability of the internet and the proliferation of smartphones, game developers introduced amazing gaming applications so that players can enjoy playing on-the-go. The flexibility of playing ‘anytime anywhere’ is a major factor that contributed to the success of mobile gaming. In the current gaming era, the fastest growing trend is building mobile-friendly game apps and heavy marketing with first sign-up bonus offers, cashback, referral amounts, and rewards. 


From traditional card games to quiz games to fantasy games, players are leaving the offline versions and switching to online platforms to get rewarded for their skills. Leading companies such as Adda52, Dream11, Loco, and much more have been empowering players with the best class gaming experience and huge cash prizes. The present scenario is that the mobile gaming industry has an estimated value of $60 billion.

 LIVE Streaming

Live streaming is one such trend that has disrupted the gaming industry and opened new avenues for talented players. Players are now showcasing their game skills by doing LIVE streaming, increasing their fan base, and interacting with them in real-time. The rise of live streaming platforms is proof of the tremendous craze of players streaming professionally. As per the ‘Video Streaming Market - Global Forecast to 2021report by Research and Markets, the video streaming market is estimated to reach USD 70.05 billion by 2021. Not only for players, but this market is also going to be profitable for advertising and marketing agencies.

 Twitch, owned by Amazon, is currently a leading streaming platform and gaining the attention of PC gamers. YouTube Gaming is in second place and is becoming more popular among mobile streamers. Facebook Gaming has also seen impressive growth. Some renowned Indian businessmen are also planning to launch a ‘Made-in-India live streaming platform to provide opportunities for gaming content creators.

 Online Real Money Platforms

As gaming as a career is receiving huge traction, players are coming forward to win massive cash prizes and rewards by playing real money games. Real money gaming platforms have been providing an opportunity for the players to have a thrilling experience and get rewarded for their skills in the comfort of their homes. You can say that the real-money gaming segment is at a burgeoning stage, but gradually picking up strong momentum.

 The inception of online skill-based games such as poker and rummy brought the first wave of real money games in India. The other trending game genres are quiz games and fantasy sports that have been playing a crucial role in uplifting the real-money gaming market. As per a report by RedSeer Consulting, it is expected to grow at around 50-55% by 2022. It is estimated to reach $1.5-1.7 billion from $250-300 million.

 Final Thoughts

Summing up, these are the popular trends that have been revolutionizing the industry and providing the prosperous opportunities to the budding gamers. The awareness of new trends and constant upgrades in the existing cutting edge games are providing a strong foothold to the Indian gaming industry.


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