82.5 Communications releases an Independence Day campaign for ACC

In the 75th year of Indian Independence, there’s no greater joy than looking back and celebrating the heroes who’ve helped the nation stay sturdy and secure.  

While there are many heroes and patriotic legends that we are all aware of, there are some unlikely, untold tales of bravery that are worth recreating. Like 300 ordinary women who joined hands with ACC Cement and the Indian army to help rebuild a bombed airstrip in Bhuj, during the 1971 war against Pakistan. 

As an Independence Day special commemorative digital film, ACC along with 82.5 Communications have recreated the wonderous nationalistic act through a unique retelling, using cement bags. A narration in the traditional Veer Ras style, delivered by Ashish Vidyarthi anchors the film, while numerous bespoke illustrations on cement bags brings to life the happenings from 3 fateful December days back in 1971. The film salutes the 300 civilian women who carried out the untrained task of using ACC cement and materials to rebuild the airstrip to support their brothers in the army, in fighting back. Their act proved crucial in obtaining a morale-boosting victory – the effects of which are truly everlasting, in the nation-building process. 

The film has been directed by Pankaj Bangde and produced by Beyond Studios. 

Ashish Prasad, CMO & Strategic Initiatives Head – ACC Limited said, “As we celebrate 75th year of our Independence, it has been our honor that we could pay our tribute & recognize the efforts of the 300 women of Bhuj, who played an important role in the 1971 war. The “Kamaal” that these women did in 72 hours has played a significant role in positioning the nation’s strength and it inspires us every day to keep our commitment towards building a stronger nation.” 

Speaking about the film, Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Chairman and CCO, 82.5 Communications, said, “Sometimes we need to create patriotic stories for brands, especially around Independence Day. But, for once, we just had to tell the true story of a brand’s association with a chapter of modern history that is redolent of patriotic zeal. At a time when every brand strives for authenticity, ACC had to look no further than its own DNA.”

Sachin Chhabra, Head of Brand Marketing – ACC Limited added, “ACC has been part of the nation building progress for the last 85 years and has been a witness to many historic events. As a group we take pride that we could play a very small role in what these 300 veeranganas of Bhuj did for the nation in 1971. We have tried to bring to life their hidden contribution with this film and it’s an honest attempt to tell “behind the scenes” story of what we all know is an important chapter in the history of India.” 

Mayur Varma, ECD and Creative Head, Mumbai & Kolkata, 82.5 Communications, added, “We all remember Rani Lakshmibai through the poem ‘Jhansi wali Rani. So, when we had to tell the forgotten story of 300 equally brave women, we decided to render it in the same veer ras. And Ashish Vidyarthi’s soulful recitation has really brought it alive.” 

Krishnendu Paul, Head of Office, 82.5 Communications, Mumbai, said, “This film gave us the perfect vehicle to showcase the herculean effort of the 300 women who helped us win an impossible war. With this unique story, we believe the film punctuates the fact that ACC is India's 1st Cement Company and that we are proud to be associated with this glorious chapter in our history.” 


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