90% of Modi Naturals’ ad budget is for platforms like Amazon, Blinkit: Mukesh Ghuraiya

Modi Naturals, renowned for its flagship brand ‘Oleev’, has solidified its position in the edible oil segment by prioritising natural, healthy products to promote well-being and happiness. Founded in 1974 by DD Modi, the company embarked on a remarkable journey from a modest edible oil factory in Punjab to becoming India’s largest processor of Rice Bran and being listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Their commitment to sustainability extends to supporting farmers and their families.

As part of a video interaction for Adgully’s AGTalk, Mukesh Ghuraiya, Chief Marketing Officer, Modi Naturals, highlights key trends propelling the FMCG industry forward. He emphasises on the premiumisation of FMCG brands, driven by increasing raw material costs due to geopolitical factors. This trend manifests in larger stock keeping units (SKUs) to maintain availability. Additionally, the FMCG sector is embracing e-commerce, albeit later than other industries.

Discussing the latest marketing strategies for Modi Naturals, Ghuraiya outlines the focus on urban areas and the influential role of women as decision-makers in households. He says, “With a target demographic primarily in urban locales, Modi Naturals allocates 90% of its advertising budget to digital platforms like Amazon and Blinkit, where consumer discovery is thriving.”

Regarding their latest campaign, ‘Ek choti si shuruwat’ (A Small Beginning), Ghuraiya emphasises on simplifying the journey to health, starting from the kitchen. He stresses on the importance of incremental changes such as reducing sugar intake, swapping unhealthy products, and moderating oil usage, highlighting that these small steps can yield significant long-term health benefits.

These are edited excerpts. For the complete interview with Mukesh Ghuraiya , watch below:


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