Ad Land’s Young Guns: Megha Chaturvedi, Senior Account Director, Adfactors PR

Megha Chaturvedi, Senior Account Director, Adfactors PR, is a publicist by profession and a poet from heart. She is associated with Adfactors PR for more than 3 years now. In her current role, she entails two critical responsibilities – Client Management and People Management. She leads communication support for issue management and in exploring New Business Opportunities.

Working in the industry for more than a decade now, Chaturvedi enjoys problem-solving and provides decisive, creative-strategic advice to her team. She has earlier worked with Blue Lotus Communications, Madison Communications, Adfactors PR (4 Years) 2012-16 and LTI. Her specialties include, Public Relations, Corporate and Marketing Communications, Employer Branding, Crisis Management, Internal Communications, CSR communications and partnerships,  Building CXO thought leadership, Influencer marketing and engagement, Content creation and many more.

Find out from Megha Chaturvedi about how important it is to go beyond the defined boundaries of duties and to build a strong network in the industry.

What particular skill sets do you think you bring to the table?

My current role entails two critical responsibilities – client engagement and people management.

Client engagement requires me to be well-versed in recent developments in the industry, the know-how of trends, media and influencer landscape, and creativity to bring unconventional solutions to the briefs. I enjoy content creation – long and short format literature, building communication strategies, and creative problem solving and data wrangling is something I do as part of my role.

People management requires a great deal of empathy and interpersonal skills to lead the teamwork together as a cohesive unit. 

How did you join your current organisation?

I am a boomerang employee with my current organisation. Immediately after my mid-career MBA, I worked with an IT giant. However, somewhere I knew marketing communications is my calling. There was no better place than Adfactors PR for me to be a part of communications consulting. I was fortunate enough to be recognised and welcomed back with the same love and sense of belonging. I manage some of the largest names in the consumer and corporate space.

Icons in this field who you look up to and how they have influenced you and your work?

Madan Bahal, our Managing Director, has always inspired me with his sense of urgency, and almost yearning, to adapt, upskill and be ahead of the curve. He understands the pulse of the client and drives his recommendations backed by comprehensive research. That is a skill that every PR practitioner worth her salt should adopt as if it is her second nature.

I have always observed and learned from all leaders that I have had an opportunity to work alongside. I am also in awe of the young and emerging talent in the industry. 

What are the five most productive things that you do in your everyday routine?

  • Reading as a habit has served me right in many ways. It has opened my mind to diverse perspectives, enhanced my choice of words, and kept me updated on the current landscape
  • Meditation and journaling help me stay patient and have added to my self-awareness and empathy levels
  • Continuous L&D is not a moot point; I make sure I am always learning something new – as insignificant as it may be – and learning how to write a more sleek presentation
  • Networking has become a more achievable task for an introvert like me. LinkedIn has opened fresh terrain to explore; I make sure to invest time in indulging
  • Planning my schedule has helped me manage my time and assignments better. I have become addicted to my calendar. 

Do you think a career in this field is a viable one in the long term?

Most definitely. The increasing complexities of businesses, communities, and nations will call for a concerted PR response. The last few months are a striking example of how brands leveraged purposeful narratives and stories to stay relevant and close to their audience, amidst a raging pandemic. Additionally, if you notice the evolution of PR, it is no more limited to media relations and coverage. While those are paramount, PR has donned the role of digital advisor, and I am confident PR will slowly take center stage in the marketing domain and advisory. 

What does it take to succeed in a career?

  • Clarity: People respond well to those who know what they want. A clear vision also helps in planning your career itinerary more thoughtfully
  • Commitment & consistency: Willingness to learn, upskill, network, and consciously providing time to your career will have compounding effects. Water this habit regularly
  • (Be a) Champion: Single-mindedness and doing your work with utmost honesty and capabilities will always make you go noticed

What would be your advice to youngsters planning to enter this industry?

  • Be curious and go beyond the defined boundaries of duties
  • Network, network, network – be it: friends from the media, people from the industry, or influencers, do it well
  • Upskill is the most critical word in the PR lexicon

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Five years down the line, I want to be remembered as someone who has contributed to the industry by investing time and energy in young professionals’ growth, doing indelible work, and engaging with networks and partners across the globe to learn and co-curate.

Is there any organisation that you would like to work with in the future?

I am always intrigued by organisations that have an innovation drive, are forward-thinking, and can make a positive change with their voice. I do not want to limit my choices to a few, because with technological and policy interventions for any communication professional, the world is an oyster. 


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