AdAsia 2011 to champion for the Girl Child

AdAsia 2011 has lined up a veritable feast for the mind with 45 internationally renowned speakers sharing their experiences, insights and sharp analysis of various aspects of ‘Uncertainty the new Certainty’. 20 sessions that constitute the core agenda will explore topics that will provoke exciting, cutting edge debate on concerns vital to the marketing, advertising, media and communications fraternity. The evenings that will follow also provide enthralling entertainment that will be a feast for the eyes and nourishment for the body.
Now, AdAsia 2011 is proud to announce a third element that will provide sustenance to the soul of the congress. All congresses attempt to provide ways and means to improve the lot of their constituents and the industry they represent. The AdAsia 2011 will dare to be different. It will focus attention, provoke debate, and challenge the formidable minds present to think of providing creative solutions to one of the burning issues of this century. The girl child. This effort will surface in different aspects and areas of the congress. It will include a special presentation dedicated to The Female Equation: Communicating with Conscience by Frederika Meijer, Representative – India & Country Director- Bhutan, UNFPA.
Madhukar Kamath, Chairman Organizing Committee AdAsia 2011 said “championing the girl child in a landmark congress like this is one way of showing the world that the advertising, marketing and media industry has its heart in the right place.”
The cause of the girl child is not just relevant but critical, particularly in Asian countries where statistics reveal that that the man/woman ratio is becoming dangerously skewed towards men. In India, the alarming statistics present a serious aberration to a country that worships female deities and venerates women leaders and yet has not been able to prevent the murder of female foetuses.
Is this largely a perception issue? Can the right kind of communication get Indians to shift their perceptions and change their beliefs? The conference will attempt to set in motion a thought process that could eventually provide creative solutions to this vexatious problem.

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