Adgully Exclusive | Medicine is not only science, it is also art: Dr. Mukesh Batra

Dr. Mukesh Batra, India's leading homeopath and founder of the world's largest chain of homeopathy clinics, shares his professional expertise to help you diagnose and find answers for common and not-so-common ailments, through his book, "Healing with Homeopathy.' This affordable, handy book, will reach a large number of people, and help them manage simple health problems, or illnesses, in the comfort of their home.

Medicine is not only science, it is also art. The first column he submitted to a newspaper editor, was entitled, 'A Homeopath is Not a Quack.'

When asked, what prompted you to become a writer, he said, ". I've always loved literature and writing. I used to know most of William Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw by heart. I can still recite passages from Richard II. "

He says, "Writing gives me the canvas to express myself and communicate; it allows me to connect to more and more people. I've been writing for leading newspapers in the country for 40 years and also international magazines and journals. I still do. Writing for me is also the best platform to spread the good word about homeopathy to more and more people."

"We want to touch everything in homeopathic healthcare. Our forward plans are keyed to setting up more and more new speciality clinics at multiple locations in India and establishing ourselves internationally," he said while explaining his future projects.

This book, in prÃcis, is also small, but pragmatic, step for the higher purposes of empowering and also equipping people to treat every day ailments by themselves, or seeking prompt, professional medical treatment, when needed ” before something becomes a cause for concern.

With this initiative, he aimed that people should get to know the correct idea of homeopathy, help people to overcome common ailments, with practical examples, help them to recognize disease, or illness, and attend to them on time, Overcome prohibitive costs of medical treatment and wanted to reach out to many, many more people. | By Aanchal Kohli [aanchal(at)]


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