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As we put mothballs onto 2011, let me quickly look at the trends that shaped marketing India in the year gone by.

-The anthem ad: Anthem ads became a part of our singing and humming lexicon. "Har ek friend zaroori hai" became an anthem rage, just as Hero Moto Corp struggled with its own version of "Hum mein hai Hero". Nevertheless, this got a whole host of brand folk look keenly at anthem-ads. Ads that rise above the ordinary, and ads that embrace the more global truth than the micro-fact and figure.

-Viral was it: Every Tom, Dick and Harish wanted his brand to go viral. "Kolaveri Di" resulted in 19 million plus Youtube hits, and brands wanted to occupy similar global space. In the bargain, 360-degree digital branding got some respect. Pioneers in this space breathed a sigh of relief, as their evangelism was just about to take off with marketer interest being higher than ever before. Thank you Dhanush!

-360-degree digital is here: Brands have re-defined their digital strategies. Today, it is not enough to be just on FaceBook. Today, every brand wants a 360-degree approach with a presence on Twitter, Youtube videos, QR codes in print, a presence on Digg, a presence on Orkut and Fropper even! And lots more!

-E-commerce took off: Even as sites in the space of group-buying collapsed or were under the stress of huge moneys burnt without actual returns, traditional e-commerce portals that specialized in multi-brand retail did exceedingly well. This is the one category that is going to threaten the small-retailer in the future, but this category has quietly gotten away as it is really not in the physical market place, which is the typical location for all the hurly-burly.

-The Obscenity is no longer an obscenity: As we close the year, I must say that India and the Indian is getting out of the closet. Aamir Khan got away this year with "Bhaag DK Bose, Bose DK". And even as the year closes, I am told the New Year ahead has a KLPD coming!

Happy New Year 2012 to all of you then on that note. | By Harish Bijoor

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