Ahead of World Earth Day 2022, Log9 Launches ‘One Less Ride’ campaign

The 1st World Earth Day that was celebrated on 22nd April 1970 marked the first-ever conversation among Americans who remained largely oblivious to environmental concerns and how polluted environment threatens human health. Today, more than 5 decades later, the conversation has gone global, and the seriousness of the climate change issue has reached alarming levels.

Earth Day observance each year is centred around a certain theme; this year, its theme is ‘Invest In Our Planet’ -- focusing majorly on the adverse effects of climate change on our planet and how to overcome them. Aligned with this theme of The World Earth Day 2022, Bengaluru-based advanced battery technology and deep-technology company Log9 Materials has come forward with their latest initiative titled ‘One Less Ride’ – which is an online-first campaign and movement spearheaded by Log9 with the objective to reduce our over-reliance and use of conventional ICE vehicles, and instead resort to more sustainable and eco-friendly modes of commute.

With the official hashtag #DontTurnOn, the movement urges every citizen in the world to pause for a moment this World Earth Day before they turn on their vehicle’s engines and rather rethink if there is a better way to serve the purpose or to commute; whether it is their daily commute to work, a drive down to the neighbouring grocery store, or a trip with the family for a movie and so on. And to those ends, ‘One Less Ride’ – that’s exactly the compass that Log9 expects the citizens of the world to consider while deciding on their mode of travel. From taking a walk to a skateboarding, from cycling to ridesharing or using an EV, they are urging the citizens to ensure that they take every small step to Avoid Turning On their Engines at least once. The messaging of the campaign will be spread primarily through social media engagements and by partnering with relevant stakeholders and Key Opinion Leaders in clean-tech, clean energy and clean mobility domains. 

Speaking on the initiative, Dr. Akshay Singhal, Founder & CEO, Log9 Materials says, “Climate change has been a slow phenomenon but one with serious repercussions on every living being on this planet, and therefore talking on it one day in a year will not suffice to arrest the downslide, leave apart reversing the damage done. That being said, we at Log9 have rolled out the One Less Ride movement – as we strongly believe that when it comes to our fight against climate change, every single action counts. By pledging to give our petrol and diesel vehicles a rest for one day and further motivating your friends, family, and social circles to do so with the hashtag and urge #DontTurnOn, we are attempting to catalyze large-scale positive behaviour change and Responsible Action toward environment-friendly mobility.”

Vivek Nair, Marketing Head, Log9 Materials adds, “Brand Log9 is founded on the cornerstone of ‘Pioneering Responsible Energy’, which in addition to guiding and shaping our technologies also manifests in the ways we are influencing our stakeholders and the larger ecosystem towards adopting greener technologies and lifestyle. And thus, our One Less Ride Campaign around World Earth Day has been ideated and rolled out along the same lines, with the agenda to make people aware about the collective climate impact of their actions as well as to infuse this thought and behaviour into their everyday lives by taking a pledge on our campaign webpage. This in turn, over a period of time, is expected to play a big role in saving our Planet from the ill-effects of vehicular pollution and emissions and thus pave a better world tomorrow.”

All of Log9’s technology and products, apart from redefining a customer’s profitability and productivity, have also ensured a positive impact on the environment. Notably, Log9 had also previously launched its flagship Responsible Delivery Movement -- an initiative where they partner with leading aggregators, fleet operators as well as end-users towards making the last-mile logistics and deliveries segment more sustainable; the initiative aspires to bring down India’s transportation and logistics emissions intensity by up to 33 per cent by 2030 by accelerating the adoption of EVs in this space and further strengthens Log9’s relentless pursuit to create a cleaner and greener environment for the times to come. Now, Log’s latest One Less Ride campaign and movement will complement as well as provide further impetus to their Responsible Delivery Movement.

To show solidarity with the cause and pledge your support for the One Less Ride campaign, visit: www.onelessride.com


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