Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly and HiVoco come together to announce #HappyMothersEveryday

Perfetti Van Malle India’s Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly and HiVoco, an Indian Language Learning App have together announced a digital campaign #HappyMothersEveryday. The campaign is aimed at promoting life skills teaching for kids.

The campaign has been designed to understand the fact that mothers invest a lot of time to teach their children real-life skills. Through this campaign the kids can learn these skills online, thus helping mothers save some time for themselves.

Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly is known as a fun partner for every child. While HiVoco makes stories and recipes fun and interactive for children to learn and remember.   With this combined effort, children can get inspired to help out their mothers while having tons of fun.

In regard to the campaign, Pritesh Chothani, Co-founder & CEO of HiVoco said, “This Mother’s Day, Perfetti Van Malle India and HiVoco (my company) have collaborated to teach Essential Life Skills to kids through interactive storytelling. When kids learn and practise essential life skills, they save up to 1 hour of Mother's time every day. Hence, we designed the campaign "#HappyMothersEveryDay”, where children and the family tries to make the mother take one free hour where she shall have her 'me time' without any disturbances, thereby helping her take out time for her hobbies, her lost talents and her individuality as a woman besides being a mother”

This campaign has been released on Youtube & HiVoco Play App. Along with this, the campaign is also being promoted on the social media handles of HiVoco Play. Under the campaign, a dedicated campaign song has been released on the Youtube channels of the brands. Additionally, interactive stories teaching life skills have been launched on the HiVoco app for kids aiming for better message retention.

The campaign easily eyes reaching 100K+ Story plays on the HiVoco App. Along with this, the campaign aims to generate 100K+ views on YouTube as well. So far, the campaign has already crossed 80k+ views on Youtube, and on the HiVoco app, it has touched the mark of 60k views.


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