Analysing the rise of women gamers in India

Online gamers are usually considered to be primarily young males. However, this

demographic notion has been shattered as women are now seen increasingly engaging with gaming platforms. According an Inmobi report, gaming has become increasingly popular among women of all ages and marital status, defying old-school conventions. Nearly 52% of India’s women gamers live in the metros, while 29% live in small towns.

The Inmobi report further reveals that women gamers recorded an average of 88 minutes playing action-inclined games, followed by 56 minutes playing strategy-inclined games. While 25% of these women gamers fit within the age group of 25-34 years, 32% of the users are married with children, and 47% of them are unmarried.

In an engaging fireside chat during the maiden GAMEXX 2021 Summit & Awards, Rajesh Pantina, Director - Marketing, Asia-Pacific, InMobi, and Manoj Dawane, Founder and CEO, VTION Digital Analysis, sought to decode the ‘Rise of Women Gamers in India’.

Commencing the discussions, Rajesh Pantina said, “There are a bunch of insights that are going to be revealed today, one of them being the understanding of India’s Women Gamers Report that we are launching along with Adgully and we have got a great partner in terms of VTION that has helped us actually to really bring together a lot of claimed stated data and marrying that with the actual engagement that we see in terms of mobile gaming through the pandemic and beyond.”

InMobi surveyed 240 women smartphone gamers and analysed over 1.5 trillion programmatic ad requests for this study. The study also includes engagement data between January 2021 to April 2021 from VTION, a Digital Consumer Behaviour & Analytics company. The VTION panel for this study comprised of 1,419 smartphone gamers across 15 states in India. The survey ws carried out between February 9 and 16, 2021 on the InMobi Pulse platform, which includes data from InMobi and VTION.

Manoj Dawane added here, “More than 30,000 people across 15 states have the VTION app installed as part of our panel. The technology that we use is patented across the USA and India, which in a completely privacy-compliant manner captures and tracks data from the panelists’ phone in the most non-intrusive manner. We get almost 20 million lines of data every day as an aggregate. And with our data on gaming engagement, you see that mobile gaming is a vertical to be taken cognizance of. Today, gaming has transcended from being something for the geeks to become a full-fledged entertainment mode.”

Watch the complete interaction below:


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