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Anand Gandhi shares how Tumbbad is relevant in today’s age

Director, writer and producer Anand Gandhi has always enthralled the audience with his one of a kind vision of films. And while his storytelling leaves many in admiration all his films in the past, be it Ship Of Theseus, Tumbbad, An Insignificant Man have only been lauded by everyone. Now as Anand gears up to share another interesting story with Emergence, the director speaks about the project while he shares his views on the OTT space and theatrical experience. Read on…

Talking about Tumbbad being called a masterpiece of Indian Cinema, and how it was totally loved by the audiences, Anand says, “I feel all my work till now is only an icebreaker. I am glad that it has resonated with the curiosity of a very vast audience. The best, however, is yet to be. All artists are willing to suffer for their work. Very few are willing to learn to draw. I try not to focus on the romance of the struggle, as hard as it may be, but on the rigour of learning. With this shift in focus, the only thing that matters to me is creating a deeply meaningful experience for my viewers who are paying me with three hours of their lives and attention. Everything else follows.”

Sharing his views on the OTT space, Anand quips, “It’s the present of entertainment and it’s full of possibilities." Discussing if OTT space would lead to people falling out of the theatrical experience, Anand shares, “Unlikely (laughs). The thing about human cultural experience is that a medium innovation expands the scope of expression, rarely replaces another medium entirely. You see, video didn’t kill the radio star, but video forced radio to innovate.”

Anand Gandhi’s next project that is Emergence is based on life post-pandemic. And while the subject in itself would raise anticipation amongst fans, the poster of the film has already started to leave many intrigued. 


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