Associating with K-Pop is about embracing a cultural phenomenon: Jae Hyung Jun, LG

LG Electronics India is teaming up with the Korean Cultural Centre India to host the grand finale of the ‘All India K-Pop Contest 2023 (Presented by LG)’, an extraordinary celebration of musical talent and cultural diversity. This event is scheduled for September 16, commencing at 5 pm, and will be held at the iconic Thyagaraj Stadium in New Delhi. Notably, the event will have the distinguished presence of Chang Jae-Bok, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to India, and Hong JuJeon, Managing Director of LG India.

The ‘All India K-Pop Contest 2023 (Presented by LG)’ has garnered remarkable success, attracting 11,000 registrations from all over India. The competition was structured into three demanding stages – an initial online round, followed by regional competitions, and culminating in the fiercely competitive semi-finals. Out of the 22 semi-finalists, 12 have emerged as victors, securing their spots in the grand finale.

In conversation with Adgully, Jae Hyung Jun, Head - Corporate Marketing, LG India, speaks at length about the All-India K-Pop Contest, how LG plans to engage with the audience, the company’s marketing strategy, and much more…

Hosting the grand finale of the All-India K-Pop Contest is a significant move for LG. Could you share the main objectives and goals that LG hopes to achieve through this event?

Yes, hosting the grand finale of the All-India K-Pop Contest represents a strategic move for LG that aligns with our core objectives and goals. ‘Life’s Good’ is our brand ethos and we will create Life’s Good’ moments for people through various events and collaborations.

Our primary aim is to reinforce and build upon our brand identity, which has transcended generations, we aim to connect more deeply with the Gen Z audience and reinforce our timeless brand identity.

We aim to deepen our relationship with this demographic by showcasing innovative products like LG XBOOM for an immersive sound experience and through meaningful integrated marketing campaigns. K-Pop, as a dynamic platform, combines audio-visual excellence and high-energy performances, resonating with Gen Z’s preferences.

By associating with this event, we demonstrate our commitment to enhancing entertainment experiences and connecting with a younger audience, ultimately making ‘Life’s good’ for generations to come. 

With over 11,000 entries received for the K-Pop contest, how does LG plan to engage and provide an enhanced experience for K-Pop fans in India?

We are extremely delighted to receive 11,000 entries for this year’s K-Pop contest. LG is committed to providing an unforgettable experience for K-Pop fans in India; we are gearing up for the grand K-Pop finale at Thyagraj Stadium, New Delhi, featuring breathtaking performances by the finalists. To engage and cater to a massive audience, we expect over 4,000 fans to join us in person. Simultaneously, we’re planning a live broadcast of the event, ensuring that a vast number of people can enjoy the show from the comfort of their homes. This multi-pronged approach underscores our dedication to bringing the magic of K-Pop to as many enthusiasts as possible.

With the growing popularity of K-Pop in India, how does LG see this collaboration as a strategic move to connect with a younger demographic and expand its reach in the market?

LG’s collaboration with K-Pop in India signifies a pivotal step in the evolution of our brand identity. Over the years, LG has transformed itself, adapting to changing consumer preferences and lifestyles. Recognising the immense popularity of K-Pop among the younger demographic, this collaboration represents a strategic move to align our identity with the evolving cultural landscape.

Our extensive range of audio products, tailored to cater to the younger generation, makes LG a natural fit for K-Pop enthusiasts who are passionate about music and entertainment. This partnership is not merely about sponsoring events, it’s about embracing a cultural phenomenon and engaging with a fervent community.

By joining forces with K-Pop, LG showcases its commitment to staying culturally relevant and connecting with the next generation. This collaboration marks the beginning of a new chapter, where LG seeks to redefine its identity, resonating with the music-loving and dynamic youth of India, and solidifying its position as a brand that enriches lives through innovation and entertainment.

K-Pop is known for its global fan community. How does LG plan to leverage this collaboration to strengthen its brand presence not only in India, but also on a global scale?

K-Pop’s global fan community has made a significant mark in India, attracting a diverse and passionate fan base. The Internet and social media play crucial roles in connecting Indian fans with the global K-Pop community and keeping them engaged with their favourite groups and artists.

Could you share some of the exciting activities or surprises that LG has in store for the grand finale of the All-India K-Pop Contest 2023, Presented by LG, that fans can look forward to?

LG is committed to creating a grand and unforgettable experience for K-Pop fans attending the grand finale. This means that the event will be meticulously planned and executed to provide attendees with a sense of grandeur and excitement. Moreover, LG is known for its innovative technology and products, may offer attendees the opportunity to experience some of their latest products firsthand. In addition to the K-pop performances and contest, LG is likely to organise various fun activities and entertainment options to keep attendees engaged and entertained throughout the event. By combining these elements of grandeur, interactive product experiences, and a variety of fun activities, LG aims to make the grand finale of the All-India K-Pop Contest 2023 a memorable and enjoyable event for K-Pop fans to eagerly anticipate. It’s about creating a holistic and immersive experience that goes beyond the contest itself, ensuring that attendees have a fantastic time from start to finish.

In the context of LG’s brand identity and values, how does the company plan to connect with its target audience and build lasting relationships with customers in India?

LG India has just celebrated its 26th anniversary in the country. Over these years, we have introduced innovative products and technologies that have significantly improved the lives of our customers. Alongside these advancements, we’ve executed engaging experiential marketing campaigns. In the future, we’re committed to strengthening our connection with consumers by launching campaigns that embody LG’s brand philosophy of ‘Life’s Good’, further bringing our brand closer to people. 

Could you discuss some of the key marketing strategies and campaigns that LG India is planning to implement to reinforce its brand identity and engage with consumers effectively? 

LG is currently executing a worldwide campaign with the message – ‘Life’s Good’. This campaign aims to inspire customers to maintain a positive perspective on life, especially during these times of global uncertainty and instability. 

The overarching objective of this campaign is to uplift individuals and create a positive ripple effect of support within our global community. At the heart of the ‘Life’s Good’ campaign is the desire to share the company’s philosophy and values along with its updated visual and brand identity.

We are taking this opportunity to introduce a more dynamic and youthful brand identity, which reflects our commitment to embodying the true essence of ‘Life’s Good’. As we move forward, we will continue to emphasise this message in our key campaigns. 

With the changing consumer preferences and technology advancements, how does LG envision staying at the forefront of innovation while staying true to its brand values?

Our approach to business in India is dynamic, adaptable and consumer centric. We understand that consumer needs and preferences are constantly evolving, and to stay successful, we must continuously reinvent our strategy.

At the core of our success lies a deep commitment to understanding our consumers. We place significant importance on consumer insights, recognising them as the linchpin of our operations. By staying attuned to the pulse of the Indian market, we aim to decipher the ever-changing needs and aspirations of our consumers.

Our commitment goes beyond observation, it extends to action. We continuously evolve and adapt our approach based on a deep understanding of the Indian consumer, striving to provide meaningful solutions that improve their lives and experiences.

Are there any upcoming product launches or initiatives from LG India that align with the brand’s new direction and mission that consumers should look forward to?

Our new brand identity, centered around the theme ‘Life’s Good’, serves as the cornerstone of our campaigns. Through various channels, including ATL, Digital, OOH, and Social programs, we will consistently highlight this powerful message. Our campaigns will not only showcase our products, but also emphasise our core values and philosophy. Whether it is through traditional advertising channels, the digital realm, outdoor displays, or engaging on social platforms, we are committed to spreading positivity and reminding our audience that even in challenging times, there is goodness to be found in life.


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