Average ad volumes on GECs grew 74% during April-June’20: TAM AdEx

Continuing with its analysis of TV advertising during the lockdown period, TAM AdEx study on TV Advertising – Part 2 reveals that News, GEC and Movies genres contributed more than 80 per cent share of the ad volumes during the April’20-June’20 period, with average ad volumes/day growing steadily.

Growth of average ad volumes on GECs grew 74 per cent during April’20-June’20. While ad volumes on GEC channels grew steadily from Week 19, a minor drop was seen in Week 23. Meanwhile, Week 24 witnessed the highest ad volumes of 1,858 hours, a growth of 26 per cent over Week 23.

Count of Categories, Advertisers and Brands is seen growing steadily from Week 20 onwards.

According to the report, there are 290+ exclusive advertisers on GEC channels, with My Vishwa Technologies leading the list, followed by Docubay Media, Timelesstoday, and RVK Productions, among others.

Week 24 recorded the highest ad volumes in the last 11 weeks for the Hindi GEC genre, compared to Week 14. As per TAM AdEx, ad volumes on Hindi GEC channels grew by 45 per cent in Week 24. Also, during the same week, highest ad volumes were recorded compared the previous 10 weeks. Comparing Week 24 to Week 14, 40 per cent growth in ad volumes was seen.

Total 9 categories were common across 3 sub-genres – GEC, Hindi GEC and GEC (Excluding Hindi) – with Toilet Soaps dominating all 3 sub-genres with a share of 13 per cent. During the April-June 13, 2020 period, HUL, Reckitt Benckiser and Brooke Bond Lipton were the top 3 advertisers across GEC, Hindi GEC and GEC (Excluding Hindi).

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News Genre

Ad volumes on News channels grew steadily from Week 19 onwards, with 6 per cent growth in ad volumes recorded in Week 24 over Week 23. Hindi News, which includes National & Regional, leads with 36 per cent ad volumes.

News channels saw 1,450+ exclusive advertisers during the April-June 13, 2020 period. Butterfly Ayurveda was the top advertiser, followed by Rahul Foundation, NIMS University, Symphony and more.

Week 24 recorded the highest ad volumes in the last 11 weeks for Hindi News genre, even as ad volumes on News channels have been growing steadily from Week 19 onwards.

On the other hand, Week 20 to Week 23 saw a steady ad volume growth on English News channels, with a minor drop in Week 24. English News channels saw a 31 per cent growth in ad volumes in Week 24, compared to Week 14.

Ad volumes on Regional News channels, too, grew steadily from Week 18 onwards, witnessing a peak in Week 24. Comparing Week 24 to average of Week 14-19, 53 per cent growth in ad volumes was seen on Regional News channels.

As far as top categories are concerned, FMCG dominates Hindi News and Regional News in the Apr-Jun’20 [till 13th Jun] period.

GCMMF (Amul) tops the chart of Hindi News and English News, while HUL leads on Regional News. Players from Healthcare/Hygiene category dominate Hindi and Regional News channels. 


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