BBC World News to bring the ten hidden treasures of nature

Nature and animals have been the most volatile creatures on the planet. But did you know how critical they are in shaping the health and well-being of the human race?
BBC World News and show Power of Nature, sponsored by Nikon brings to you the planets hidden treasures as listed below:

ELEPHANTS: Mega-gardeners of the Forest
The tropical rainforests of Africa and Asia play a crucial role in keeping our planet healthy. The forest elephants play a crucial role in keeping these forests strong and resilient. 95% of the forest tree species depend on animals to dispose its seeds and they do that by wrapping the seed packets which we call (fridge) and the biggest seed disposal is through the elephants.

WOLVES: Forest Stewards
After a seventy year absence, wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in 1995. It was hoped they would protect the rising elk population – but they did much more than that. The surprising effect that the returning wolves have had is not just on their prey, but also on the rivers, forests and even the landscape.

WHALES: Gardeners of the Ocean

Whales are among the biggest animals that have ever lived. Whales restore valuable nutrients to surface waters, starting a chain reaction that stretches into the atmosphere and our lives.

SEA OTTERS: Guardians of the Kelp
The kelp forests fringing the North Pacific coast has one of the most endearing denizens, the Sea Otter, is key to its success. Sea Otters eat sea urchins which would otherwise devour the kelp and disrupt the web of life that relies on it.
SALMON:  Heart of the Forest

The Great Bear Rainforest on Canada’s Pacific Coast is the largest temperate rainforest left on Earth, owes its existence to an ocean-dweller - the Pacific Salmon. These fertilizing agents of the forests are the unlikely heroes at the core of the success of these ancient woodlands. The nitrogen supply comes from the salmon as their remains get absorbed by the forest and an estimated 80% of the nitrogen in the trees comes from them.

VULTURES: Earth’s clean-up Crew

Vultures soar above some of our planet’s most spectacular scenery – from the vast plains of Africa to the stunning Andes mountain range in South America. When India’s vultures almost went extinct at the turn of the century, caucuses were left to rot-leading to environmental pollution. This lead to cow’s not disposed and stray dogs spreading rabies in India.

HIMALAYAS:  Water Tower of Asia

The Himalayas are the greatest mountain range on Earth. Supplying water to 40% of the earth, they profoundly shape the lives of those who live there and their influence is found even on those who live far beyond. The Himalayas give us one of the most precious thing on earth which is fresh water which is priceless not only in it material front but also on its spiritual form and sacred form.

SAHARA: Life Giving Sands
The Sahara is hot, barren and dusty. But hidden within the dust are minerals left from an earlier more fertile time. The soil transported through the dust from Saraha is a key food supply for the Amazon rain forest.

SUNDARBANS: Nature's Bioshield
The Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. Stretching along the coastline of India and Bangladesh, this delicately balanced ecosystem is the haunt of tigers. Inside the Sundarbans, looks like an aquatic maze with roots tangled and twisted everywhere constantly shifting as tide comes in and goes out. This shifting of tides-produces really unique habitat where the wild life thrives.

CORAL REEFS: Underwater Pharmacy
Coral reefs are one of the most bio-diverse habitats on the planet - a kaleidoscope of colour and life – a quarter of all marine species are found here. Coral Reefs are made up of living organisms that are in an intense competition for space. They can be the biggest farm (ecopia) in nature from which thousands of chemicals have already been identified. Many have been shown to be as tumor suppressants. One has already been licensed to be used for the treatment of Chemia.


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