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Be a part of The Brad Pitt Gang with Fury airing on &PrivéHD

This Thursday, &PrivéHD is going to blow your mind with a true story of pain, sacrifice, friendship and true honour in facing one’s own battle. With Privé Unscripted, get ready to feel the chills with a library of the finest movies that are anything by absolute favourites. When bravery and extreme patriotism takes over, it’s only a fight you want to avoid from there on. Here’s a story of six men who put their lives on the line to go on a deadly mission for their flag and country. Come Thursday, July 22nd, at 9 PM, &PrivéHD, presents ‘Fury’, a must-watch war movie about a group of brave men braving all odds to make a final stand. 

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Staring Academy Award Winner Brad Pitt along with Daytime Emmy Award Shia LeBeouf, Fury tells the story of a battle-hardened Army sergeant named Don "Wardaddy" Collier (Brad Pitt), leading an American made Sherman tank and a five-man crew who undertake a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Hopelessly outnumbered, outgunned and saddled with an inexperienced soldier (Logan Lerman) in their midst, the sergeant and his men face overwhelming odds as they move to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany. How bad can it get? Watch these warriors battle it out against death itself. Don’t miss out on another brilliant action blockbuster starring an ensemble cast riding the final storm in World War II Germany.

Witness one of the bravest battalions to ever go to war with Prive Handpicked special ‘Fury this Thursday July 22nd, at 9 PM on &PrivéHD



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