Best Netflix titles of 2021 to watch with your little ones

Winter breaks are all about cozying up with your family on your favourite couch and enjoying the little moments in life. This holiday season enjoy some of the best Netflix titles of 2021 for kids that are sure to make you smile wide and bright. So, get your comfy blankets and a cup of hot chocolate out and watch these Netflix titles that are sure to leave you merry and in joy.

Mighty Little Bheem[Series]:

Known for his extraordinary strength and mischief, Mighty Little Bheem is Netflix’s first Indian animated series. This series will take on an aww-filled adventure of the ladoo-lover toddler and his shenanigans, which stun everyone around him. 

The Princess Switch 3[Film]:

If there is something that tells us Christmas is around the corner, it is the Princess Switch franchise. Back again with the third part of the loved tale, this time revolving around royal look-alikes Margaret, Stacy and their spunky doppelgänger who are on a mission to find the missing Christmas royal relic. 

Wish Dragon[Film]:

Din, a hard-working teen, goes on a quest to connect with his lost best friend Lina, with the help of a magically emerged, feisty pink wish-granting dragon. This quirky duo on their uncanny adventure are sure to leave you in giggles and smiles while teaching you the true meaning of life.

Yes Day[Film]:

To take a break from monotony and show their kids how fun they can be, this parent duo gives their kids a ‘Yes Day’ where every desire of theirs will be said yes to. With a cast of ever-so stunning Jennifer Garner and charming Édgar Ramírez as parents to the naughty yet sweet kids, this movie will make you say yes to your crazy wishes.


Vivo, a musically gifted Kinkajou, and his owner Andres spend their day playing music to the crowds, when one fine day they receive a letter from a long lost friend, Marta. Vivo along with his partner in crime - a bubbly tween, Gabi, embark on a mission for love to deliver the song his beloved owner had written for his former partner and unrequited love. This movie will leave your feet tapping to the beats and your heart feeling fuzzy and warm. 

Waffles + Mochi[Series]:

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is joined by puppet pals to discover, cook and eat foods from around the world. Travelling from kitchen to kitchen, restaurant to farms and homes all around the world, and cooking with celebrated chefs and cooks, this show will bring out the chef hidden inside you.  

Maya and the Three[Series]:

This miniseries is going to be your daily dose of courage. Based on the Mesoamerican myths, the tale revolves around Maya, a fifteen-year-old warrior princess, who embarks on a journey unlike any other, to stop the evil gods from destroying humanity along with three legendary warriors to the gates of the underworld. 

A Boy called Christmas[Film]:

Follow the journey of an ordinary young boy, Nikolas, who sets out on an adventure into the snowy North in search of his father who is on a quest to discover the fabled village of the elves, Elfhelm. This young boy may not be as ordinary as you think, and his friends, the headstrong reindeer and the talking mouse, definitely are not. This movie ought to leave you feeling like warm cookies on a winter night.




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