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Bombay Shaving Company comes to the rescue this Father's Day

One of the most innovative and disruptive grooming and hair removal brands in India, Bombay Shaving Company, continues its legacy of out-of-the-box campaigns for Father’s Day.  The brand launches a movement in favour of all the dads out there through digital films with Rajat Kapoor as the chief protagonist. Unlike any other commemorative day, we often tend to forget when Father’s Day is celebrated. The results of a poll conducted by the brand below and a quick look through Google Trends queries confirm the same. Building on this insight, Bombay Shaving Company released a series of ‘true to life’ videos with Rajat Kapoor highlighting the essence of Father’s day.

"Based on data driven insights, trend analysis and a series of online polls, we discovered that - while offsprings have a lot of love for dad, a vast majority have 'no clue' when Father's Day actually is; and by the time the day arrives - it's too late and they land up with unimpressive gifts for him. As a brand looking out for men, we took it on ourselves to address this issue with a poignant and beautifully crafted campaign titled, '19 June - Yaad Karlo', said Laalit Lobo, VP Marketing, at Bombay Shaving Company. 

The protagonist in his monologue stresses on the need to remember ‘19th June’ as an important day celebrating and honoring fatherhood. He sneers while citing examples of how one recalls all prime things like- ‘Recent twitter’s deal; a particular actresses’ airport look, or the latest Smith incident’ but unapologetically forgets this day.  He further spotlights the usual last minute scurry to procure ill-thought out presents which make father’s feel like supporting acts rather than the protagonist even on their special day. The video beautifully captures the essence of making this day exceptionally memorable for all fathers by picking up thoughtfully curated gifts like a personalized razor or a trimmer box from Bombay Shaving Company.

19 June, iss baar thoda dimaag lagao, he says in one segment of the first video



Father’s day mei 19th century ke ideas kahan se laate ho, he says in one segment of the second video



Papa ko please embarrass mat karo, 19 June yaad karlo, he says in one segment of the third video



Broti Roychowdhury, Senior Manager, Creative Strategy, and chief architect of the campaign, said; “This campaign is a fine example of the power of data and creativity coming together. The idea resonated with Mr Kapoor the moment I revealed it to him. He wasted no time in flying down and collaborating with us on this one. It was a pleasure working with him and building this entire piece with the young, and talented in-house team. Over the next few weeks, we'll be complimenting the 3 videos featuring Rajat, with a burst of unmissable messages across all our touch points, where we have a variety of thoughtful and customisable gifts for dad. We're also inviting some recognized influencers to join the movement & spread the word, i.e. "19 June. Yaad Karlo".

For the last few years, in addition to developing products enabling men to groom and look their best; Bombay Shaving Company has emerged as the brand of choice to gift men on occasions like Rakhi, Valentine's Day, and even Father's Day.


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