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Centrick brings alive a film festival dedicated to help preserve

Kirloskar, in a hi-decibel campaign recently refreshed 5 companies under its "Limitless" proposition. But "Limitless" cannot exist if the abundant resources of nature are not taken care of. 

Now it’s time for the “The Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival" to shine a new light. For this purpose, Centrick has re-thought the experience, re-engineered its programming and re-designed the festival and its communication. Centrick has also brought onboard OML & as partners, given their experience with online festivals, ticketing and streaming.

"The Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival" sparks conversations while educating and stimulating minds about the importance of conservation, preservation, and protection of our world. The festival showcases documentaries by nationally and internationally acclaimed film companies, film makers and production houses as well as from other festivals such as BBC, National Geographic, Ornithology Lab, Max Muller, Alliance Francais, Icon Films, British Council, Gulo Films, Uranium Film Festival, CMS Vatavaran, CSE, Down to Earth, Bedi Universal, Riverbank Studios and the Woodpecker Film Festival, panel discussions with renowned environmentalists, journalists and conservationists, along with exhibitions that feature nature captured by some of the world's best photographers. 

To start with, the identity has been conceptualised to add dynamism and enable it to render beautifully on the back of the topics that will be held each year.

The Main Dynamic Identity:

The identity while highlighting the theme "The Health of Nature"The identity while highlighting the theme "The Health of Society"

The identity while highlighting the theme "The State of Food Systems"

Films have been produced to drive home the thought of "Creating A Harmonious Co-Existence Between Nature And Mankind". The story revolves around Mother Nature and her relationship with us, how she has given us everything unconditionally, leaving us with the thought - what have we given Her in return?

3 more films were created to showcase each of the topics that will be covered this year.Health of Nature: The film poses a question on what we do for nature, when nature so selflessly gives us the very essence of life. 


Health of Society: The film is a reminder on just how much nature has sacrificed for us to fight the pandemic.

The State of Food Systems: The film reflects on the difference in the nutritional value of food systems across generations


Arti Kirloskar, the Convener of this festival, says: There is a tremendous need of the hour to expedite environmental protection for our own survival. We were in a fix on how to take this mission forward during the pandemic as our physical festival could not be held. So rather than seeing the present pandemic as an obstruction to hold the festival, we embarked on a two-fold mission. One, going online to make it global and two, providing programmes by experts to throw some light on the possible basic causes that led to the current pandemic situation, and if the human race has to face such situations effectively, what changes need to be made within ourselves and around us, now as well as in the future. Centrick has been an effective brand custodian and partner to deliver this.

Roy Menezes, Partner & Chief Creative Officer at Centrick, says:
This is what we love about our partnership with Kirloskar. The trust, the diverse creative avenues, and the scale it brings to the table. Here is a brand that actually brings alive its brand message through experiential ideas, engaging experiences and meaningful content. What more could we at Centrick ask for?


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