Civic Studio’s Latest Series #BreaksTheBias

Keeping the spirit of #BreakTheBias alive,  Civic Studios, a Mumbai based media start-up incubated at MIT, brings to you a sketch comedy video, The Curious Case Of The Missing Pockets.  Taking cues from the fight for equal pay for women, for increased safety provisions, for equal rights amongst other things, Civic Studios presents a refreshing take on the age-old biases through their latest sketch. Women’s clothing often lacks pockets -  the lack of pockets isn’t simply a design error, in fact the history of pockets is quite political. As women’s fashion evolved and tighter clothes came into the picture, pockets started disappearing and were replaced by tiny bags that could barely fit a coin. This was partially based on the idea that women didn’t have jobs or property and were expected to stay at home, and so they wouldn’t find the need to carry anything. 

Join Ananya as she takes Santra, a big fast fashion company, to court and makes a case for equal pockets for women. For her a pocket is not just a pocket- it’s an opportunity- to do more, be more, earn more. Watch here to find out more of what unfolds when an all women courtroom gets down to business, decides to #BreakTheBias and tries to resolve the mystery of the missing pockets.

Talking about the new short series, Anushka Shah, Founder, Civic Studios, said, “At Civic Studios, we leverage the power of snackable content to drive important conversations. This new video, a courtroom comedy, released on our YouTube channel Pocket Change. By talking about the lack of pockets in women's clothes, this video is a fun yet critical take on equal opportunities and rights for women. This is another effort through which we hope to encourage change: one story at a time”

Check out Civic Studios’s YouTube channel Pocket Change for more comedy content on making India a better place to live. 


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