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Clickbait - The Dark Side of being a social media influencer

How far are you willing to go for social media fame? With this question at its core, the short film Clickbait directed by Nikhil Kapoor introduces us to the life of an aspiring influencer who gets fixated with the idea of securing a million views for his next video. With the influencer economy taking the centre stage of the marketing world, the film gives us pause and reflects on the challenges faced by aspiring influencers and their obsession for virtual fame. 

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The film revolves around Pro-Hit or Purohit, a 27 year old wannabe vlogger with a Hip-Hop themed channel on MeTube. He lives in New Delhi with his ailing father Ramakant who gets more and more frustrated with his son talking to a camera.

Clickbait on Vimeo short film

Pro-Hit has high hopes for views as he unboxes a newly received packet on his channel but nothing goes according to plan. With every passing minute, the line between Pro-Hit's real and virtual life gets blurred. His relationships are pushed back out of focus as he views his life through a camera lens and tumbles down the deep dark rabbit hole in his quest for views 

Awarded the Outstanding Achievement in the short film category at the Tagore International Film Festival in 2021, the film attempts to reveal the dark side of aspiring social media influencers and how far they are willing to go in a highly competitive industry vying for likes/views. 


Written & Directed By : Nikhil Kapoor
Produced By : Kritika Kishore & Arpit Goel
Starring : R. Venkatraman, Sushil Parwana, Chanchal Chaudhary, Raman Kumar
DOP : Prakash Simwal
Post Production : Spacetime Studios LLP
Communications : Zoya Qureshi


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