Comedy se behetar kuch nahi!’, says Pawan Singh, from &TV

When you need something to make your heart feel good or make your cheeks hurt from laughing too much, nothing compares to anything than a great situational comedy. With the promise to thoroughly entertain its viewers, &TV recently offered a light-hearted situational comedy show, Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai?, and the viewers are already hooked on the show! With local talents bringing out the show's local flavour, here we have Pawan Singh who plays Zafar Ali Mirza, a tea stall owner, talk about his role and what makes this show different. 

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  • What is the USP of the show? 

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai beautifully captures the authenticity of the city of Lucknow. Presented in its truest and purest form, the story is delivered to the audience directly from the epicenter of the action. It is an attempt to bring Lucknow ka mohalla to your living room. With this show, even the audience of Lucknow will feel as if it is their neighbourhood story. We as a team have tried to incorporate all the cultural nuances to make the show look true to its culture and relatable. Every character that a viewer will come across in the show has unique qualities and has something different. We have done our research, making it a masterpiece for the viewers to watch and enjoy. Talking about authenticity, I must mention that even the Haveli is genuine and not an artificial set, so now you imagine why is this show so unique and a MUST WATCH! With no artificial elements in the show, we have bred this show with love and happiness to make sure that the audiences have a good time watching it.

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  • Do you enjoy gossiping? Who is the source of your information on the set?

Well, who doesn’t enjoy gossiping? (giggles). I do not particularly partake in gossiping but, listening to some of the most creative gossip conversations does no one harm! In ‘Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai?’, we have a character named Paro who is famous for the intel she has on everyone. In real life, no one on the set gossips as such but, in case there is a piece of news floating around, it spreads like wildfire! Aankhon ke ishaare aur band darwazon ke peeche jaake hoti hai chugli!

  • What is your catchphrase?

We all have that one catchphrase to grab everyone's attention which also becomes an integral part of our day-to-day speech and a great conversation initiator. Apart from the many catchphrases, I commonly use ‘Arey Bhai Aur Batao’ and ‘Shuru ho jao!’

  • What is your favorite genre?

Hasna aata hai rona bhi, comedy se behetar kuch nahi! Out of all the genres, there is one that will never disappoint me and that is comedy. I whole heartedly enjoy light comedy that helps me unwind and simply take a break from life. One can never go wrong with comedy and that is the beauty of it.

  • Have you ever faced such a situation in real life where you had to share your house with someone else? What if you end up in a similar situation?

I have fortunately never had to be in such a tough spot where I had to share the house. But there was a time when I was sharing a room with a bunch of boys in a hostel in Mumbai. Usually, boys are seen as unhygienic animals, but I beg to differ. I am very particular about cleanliness and my roommate on the hand, safe to say, was not! It was a tricky situation since I had to share a room with him for a year, so we just maintained our distance and enjoyed each other’s company.  

  • Tell us about your wife and your relationship with her. Who has the upper hand?   

My wife's name is Dimple Kalshan. Our relationship has been through a beautiful journey ever since my theatre days at Mandi House. We were two love-struck students in the same class. We’ve been married for five years but unke kabze mein hum pehle se hi the! She is my best friend, and our marriage feels like a friendship on most days. We are playful with each other, masti khor hai hum dono. We both feel like this fun-loving element is crucial to a long-lasting a happy married life. Talking about who has the upper hand, yeh bhi koi sawaal hua! No doubt my wife controls the house. She works tirelessly as a wife, a homemaker and a teacher. I have immense respect for her and the labor she does. I love working along with her because I look up to the woman she is. We work as a team and keep winning this race of life. 


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