Cricketer & EatFit investor Mayank Agarwal on his funda of a balanced lifestyle

EatFit is one of India’s largest healthy food platforms housed under Curefoods - a leading Indian cloud kitchen player. The brand has roped in cricketer Mayank Agarwal as its brand ambassador and an investor. Agarwal will be representing the brand in all its marketing campaigns. He is also investing in EatFit as part of the association for the next two years.

In an exclusive conversation with Adgully, Mayank Agrawal shared a few aspects of his being a part of EatFit’s Marketing campaign and what motivated him to invest in this brand. He has been following a balanced lifestyle, and when he came to know about the visualizations of EatFit, he began to take an interest in the brand.

What prompted you to be the brand ambassador of EatFit and invest in it?

EatFit is promoting a healthier and balanced lifestyle. The brand is making sure that people get to eat what they like, and that should be healthy for them at the same time. It is a great initiative for making people satisfy their taste buds and stay healthy, simultaneously promoting a healthy lifestyle. That’s the reason I am a part of EatFit.

You had earlier signed up for the healthcare sports nutrition brand Fast&Up. Do you prefer signing up only such brands? Do you keep a set of criteria, if any, in this regard?

I don’t just sign up these brands, my philosophy is to create a win-win environment for everybody. The first and foremost thing that I look for is to create value for everyone. Investing and being part of healthcare is an excellent way of spreading awareness of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I understand the importance of mental and physical health, and as health is a major concern for every individual these days, a balanced lifestyle is mandatory to induce in their lifestyle.

How do you intend to add value to the brand image of EatFit through this association?

Having a healthy and active lifestyle is very important to me. I can only add value to it if I do it by myself. In my perception, if a person is willing to promote something, they should intend to do it first to make it more believable. It adds a trust factor for the consumers.

What are your expectations from this brand association, and how are you willing to take this forward?

This association expects to grow and take the brand forward pan-India. Having a positive impact on the lives of a lot more people would be very rewarding for us as an EatFit family. We are planning and strategising stage by stage regarding expanding and educating people about a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

As the brand talks about a balanced lifestyle, what does a balanced lifestyle mean?

A person becomes unhealthy after a certain amount of time, and it takes the same amount of time for them to become fit or healthy. Getting fit in 21 days or 40 days won’t last and can negatively affect your body in the long run. In school, we used to balance chemical equations and do RHS = LHS.

On the other side of the plate, people must change their lifestyles so that long-term results can be achieved. On the contrary, I have seen people who are strict about their diet. If you are working on a balanced lifestyle, you can enjoy and eat whatever you like, but it should be in the proportion that your body is requiring with some physical activities. That’s the funda of a balanced lifestyle.


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