D’Artist Talent Ventures unveils D’Artist Plus for start-up brands

D’Artist Talent Ventures (DTV) has launched D’artist Plus, a pioneering service revolutionizing celebrity-brand associations tailored for start-up brands, through groundbreaking structured deals approach. With over 15 years of experience in celebrity-brand collaborations across diverse sectors and geographies, DTV boasts of a network of an extensive portfolio of top Indian and international celebrities.

Evolving with the times, DTV also actively engages with curated digital-first celebrities to extract substantial and meaningful benefits for brands. Leveraging profound expertise and a robust business relationhips, DTV aims to empower the start-up universe through a scientifically refined strategy, termed "Enhanced Endorsements."

This strategic initiative transcends conventional practices, promising unparalleled economic advantages for both celebrities and brands, fueled by overall brand growth.

"In introducing D’Artist Plus, we aim to foster enduring, value-driven relationships between influential personalities and dynamic consumer brands. Our goal is not merely endorsements but forging deeper partnerships," expressed Darshana Bhalla, CEO & Founder of DTV.

Incorporating the principles of Structured Deals,' D’Artist Plus will harness the demographic and influential power of celebrity and personalities with high consumer affinity and credibility to contribute impactful and dynamic solutions to consumer brands. Thus, leveraging a celebrity's efforts and involvement to create transformative value for start-ups, while creating substantial upside for their efforts.

"D’Artist Plus addresses specific marketing challenges faced by start-ups, offering opportunities to surpass measurable expenditures and access high-impact marketing propositions. By integrating high-profile celebrities from entertainment, sports, and digital realms, we envision symbiotic associations fostering mutual benefit and growth.. ," Darshana added.

Additionally, D’Artist Plus introduces a comprehensive marketing advisory services program, ensuring the optimization and maximization of potential in unique brand-celebrity associations across different growth stages and various domains. “This service is administered by a highly adept and scholarly team operating in the backend, distinguished by their profound expertise and advanced capabilities” Darshana concludes Our prior successes with promising start-ups, coupled with collaborations underscore our ability to deliver substantially enhanced value in this mutually beneficial partnership."

The formal launch of D’Artist Plus, marks a significant milestone, bringing together the start-up brands at various developmental stages also aligning with Atmanirbhar principles. This initiative not only benefits from the home grown and global celebrity's influence for Indian businesses, but also contributes to the growth and promotion of indigenous brands, skills, and initiatives, resonating strongly with companies valuing self-reliance and talent keen to support Indian Brands.

Being a celebrity sourcing agency, its all-encompassing, solution-oriented, non-conflicting, service proposition distinguishes it as an agency dedicated to curating tailored solutions, aligning seamlessly with the distinctive needs of the brands it serves, hence elevating their marketing strategy in entirety.


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