Dehati Ladke actress Kusha Kapila on transition to Mumbai

Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released its coming-of-age drama series, Dehati Ladke. Ever since its release, the series has been garnering heaps of praise from the audience. The story chronicles the life of a young boy, Rajat, who moves to Lucknow from a small village to pursue his college education, where his life transforms as he experiences the true trials of life. Rajat's innocence, aspirations, moral compass, and deeds are all defined by his village background, which makes ‘Dehati’ the central figure in Rajat's identity. What happens when his newfound love for the city and college life collides with the weight of his family's and village's expectations of him acing the administrative competition exams? This question forms the crux of Dehati Ladke. The eight-episode series features Shine Pandey, Raghav Sharma, Tanish Neeraj, Saamya Jainn, Aasif Khan, and Kusha Kapila in pivotal roles.

Kusha Kapila, who portrays the role of Chhaya in this series, recently shared her personal experience of moving to Mumbai from Delhi. She said, Moving to Mumbai has been fantastic. I'm not a stranger to the city, considering I've been working here for the last three to four years. But it's very fast-paced as compared to Delhi. People are workaholics here. I think I'm a different person when I'm in Mumbai. I'm very charged and always on my toes. However, whenever I go back to Delhi, I like to take things a little slow. I like to strike that balance between both cities. I now have a little bit of Delhi and a little bit of Mumbai in me and my entire personality. My experience in Mumbai has been amazing. I love the people here. I love that it's so safe for women.”

Kusha further shared some advice for people who move to metro cities from their hometowns, saying, “I would say go for long walks in the city that you're in, especially if you're coming from a smaller city. Try to find a little bit of your city in the city you're moving to, which also means finding people who've moved from your city or people who've come from different cities. I feel like they'll be able to relate with you and you'll be able to resonate with their experiences. Go for cultural walks. Try new food. Try the street food. Be open to new experiences. Be open to absolutely random spur-of-the-moment, impulsive experiences. And, also normalize the idea of enjoying your own company.”

Dehati Ladke is now streaming for free exclusively on Amazon miniTV, available on Amazon’s shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Play Store.


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