Embracing tech & adapting to changing viewer habits key to be competitive: Vaishali Sharma

Recently, Sony SAB launched a comprehensive brand campaign, titled “Main Khush Toh Family Khush”, for their popular show, ‘Pushpa Impossible’. The campaign’s main goal was to emphasise the importance of women prioritising their own happiness while also ensuring their family’s well-being. This message was effectively conveyed through a captivating promotional video. The campaign has garnered significant attention, especially among women, throughout the country, highlighting the growing recognition of women valuing their own happiness alongside their families’.

Sony SAB strategically collaborated with various media outlets and influencers, both traditional and modern, which helped the campaign deeply resonate with millions of people. This led to strong engagement across different platforms and contributed to increased viewership of the show. Additionally, as a key element of the campaign, Sony SAB introduced an inspiring vox pop segment, encouraging women to pursue their dreams without hindrance, regardless of their age, while fulfilling their family responsibilities.

In conversation with Adgully, Vaishali Sharma, Head of Marketing and Communications, Sony SAB, SET & Sony MAX Movies Cluster, speaks at length about the new ‘Main khush toh family khush’ campaign, how television remains an influential medium, and much more…

What is the inspiration behind the ‘Main Khush Toh Family Khush’ campaign and its underlying concept? How did you come up with this resonating message?

The campaign was based on the realisation that women, particularly after marriage or motherhood, often place themselves at the bottom of their priority list. They are solely focused on their family’s well-being and overlook their own needs, aspirations, and happiness. The campaign aimed to convey that when women follow their heart’s desires and prioritise their own happiness, it positively impacts their families as well. The message perfectly aligns with the character Pushpa and her story, inspiring women to pursue their dreams and not neglect their own wants and goals.

It’s impressive how the campaign collaborated with new-age media and influencers. Could you shed light on how these collaborations contributed to the campaign’s success and increased viewership of the show?

Our strategic approach involved collaborating with influencers, who genuinely connected with the campaign’s message, allowing us to reach communities of individuals who shared our passion for empowering women. Facilitating engaging conversations between Pushpa and influential figures like Falguni Vasavada and Kanak Kathuria (Josh Talks Asha), created a relatable connection with the target audience, generating substantial buzz and interest. Collaborations with platforms like Sheroes, UniMom, Tweak and SheThePeople further amplified the messaging and impact of the campaign, reinforcing our commitment to providing stories and characters that are progressive and inspire women.

Adding to the campaign’s impact, Pushpa visited the SEWA Academy in Ahmedabad, encouraging women to give their dreams and aspirations equal importance, while being enablers of their families’ happiness. These partnerships led to strong engagement across multiple platforms and increased viewership of the show by 20%.

The introduction of the heartwarming vox pop is a unique touch. Could you explain its role in motivating women to pursue their dreams, while balancing family responsibilities?

The role was to provide real-life examples and testimonials from women who have been going through the same struggle of balancing their own self with the family’s requirements and expectations. These personal stories and experiences served as a source of motivation, showcasing the importance and fulfilment that comes from pursuing one’s dreams alongside their family duties. The aim was to create a sense of connection and relatability, so viewers could see themselves in the journeys of these women and be inspired to think about themselves.

What role does digital marketing play in your overall marketing mix, and how has it evolved in recent years?

In recent years, digital marketing has evolved with the emergence of new technologies and trends. It has become a dynamic and integral part of our marketing efforts, enabling us to adapt to changing viewer habits and preferences while maintaining a strong online presence. We have shifted towards data-driven marketing strategies, leveraging analytics to understand consumer behaviour and preferences better. Personalisation has become a key focus, allowing us to tailor content and messages to specific audience segments. Additionally, the rise of influencer marketing and collaboration with new-age media platforms has expanded our reach and engagement.

With the growth of OTT platforms, how do you see traditional television channels staying relevant, and what initiatives have you taken to maintain their audience?

Contrary to the OTT experience, television provides a unique platform that encourages and facilitates family viewing, fostering shared entertainment experiences that bring households together. Television has been and remains a highly influential medium, particularly for women, who contribute to be the prime consumer of televised content making their preferences pivotal. Staying relevant in this ever-evolving industry requires continuous adaptation to changing viewer preferences, and Sony SAB is committed to doing just that. By embracing new strategies, creating engaging content, and addressing the evolving needs of our audience, we aim to resonate with viewers across the spectrum of demographics.

What trends do you foresee in the television and movie industry in the coming years, and how is your team preparing to adapt to these changes?

It is crucial to explore innovative storytelling and characters who are relevant and in keeping with the changing consumer needs and aspirations. New themes will emerge with the evolving roles and relationships that will begin to define dynamic socio-economic fabric. Leveraging data analytics to better understand viewer behaviour, embracing technology and adapting to changing viewer habits will be key to staying competitive in this evolving landscape.

In the era of data-driven marketing, how does Sony SAB, SET, and Sony MAX Movies Cluster leverage data analytics to tailor content and marketing strategies to its audience?

Understanding behavourial patterns across audience segments and geographies helps us define cohorts across different campaigns very sharply, leading to hyper customisation and localised strategies to increase impact and engagement.


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