End of the World: Can Detective Boomrah alter a prophecy made 600 years ago?

It is believed that the war for world’s final catastrophe would be a showdown between good and evil. There have been multiple prophecies around the fear of the end of the world, but nobody knows what would transpire when mankind would actually encounter its final fate. Only a writer can imagine as to what might unfold in those moments, and that is what Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai has done in his latest Hindi detective short story ‘The End of The World’.

The story starts with Detective Boomrah and his assistant Sam visiting a crime site located amid a dense forest. When they reach the spot, they find a body hanging from a huge banyan tree. Before they make sense out of what’s happening, the police arrive and take control of the crime sight. Detective Boomrah and Sam then decide to dig deeper inside the forest to gather any possible clues.

As the forest got denser, Boomrah realized they were being followed by a wolf, and then met a child who epitomized his own childhood. Then they came across the old man by the pond who said, “He has returned after 600 years to fulfil his own prophecy and even you (Detective Boomrah) won’t be spared this time,” and walked away from their vision. 

Who has returned to fulfil the prophecy made 600 years ago? What fate did the cops at the crime sight meet and what was the truth behind the city that had just been burnt? Who is Prof Ryna, who reads minds and might have the answers to many of Detective Boomrah and Prof Shekhawat’s questions? Listen to the full story:


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