Fast&Up and Whoppl’s campaign gets millennials to `drop, fizz & drink`

Fast&Up—India’s leading active nutrition brand with innovative technology—came up with the objective to get more people introduced to the Fast&Up tablet, which is an effervescent tablet that becomes a fizzy, tasty drink and has a multitude of variants to choose from—Fast&Up Vitalize, Fast&Up Charge and Fast&Up Magnesio being few of their most popular ones. Apart from bringing awareness to their audience, they wanted to bring in some fun factor in their agenda as well.

That’s where their collaboration with Whoppl came into the picture. They ideated and came up with the strategy to infuse comedy and humor into the whole narrative. For the campaign, they leveraged three influencers—Kusha Kapila, Shibani Bedi & Satish Ray—to post a video asset each on Instagram.

Kusha, in her signature style, highlighted the benefits of vitamin C by way of consuming Fast&Up Charge tablets by bringing in an “Indian dad” documentary angle. Shibani came up with a comical sketch where she pretended to be “sleep,” and she hilariously pointed out her importance. She seamlessly brought in Fast&Up Magnesio and talked about how it can aid in sleep troubles. Satish, on the other hand, talked about how one must not miss out on daily nutrients and he highlighted the use of Fast&Up Vitalize.

All three video assets by the influencers highlighted Fast&Up as the “millennial” way of having nutrients. Whoppl conceptualised the strategy of depicting how millennial always like to be on the go. They refrain from having tablets in a mechanical, routinised manner where they have to set daily reminders. Rather, they should be in a space where they would “want” to have the tablets on their own since they are fun and tasty and provide the necessary nutrients. The campaign also highlighted the importance of having these nutrients regularly that may get missed out even upon having proper meals. The ‘drop, fizz and drink’ approach wonderfully hit the attention centers of the millennial target audience.

The results: Campaign impressions of 1M plus and engagements of 8 lakh plus.

Varun Khanna, Co-Founder & CMO of Fast&Up said-  “With the right mix of influencers resonating with the pulse of Fast&Up, Whoppl seamlessly conveyed the right messaging in a creative, fun manner.”

Ramya Ramachandran, founder CEO of Whoppl said- “I have been using Fast&Up products for a long time now. When we got the brief, the excitement to get started with the plan came from a personal space as well. We had tried and tested their product offerings; this only made it easier for us to implement the strategy more effectively. Our faith in the brand and its products helped us ace this campaign.”



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