Ferrero Rocher’s journey from an exotic indulgence to India’s golden mithai

Ferrero India, a subsidiary of Ferrero Group, teamed up with Hrithik Roshan and Sara Ali Khan to launch two distinct digital campaigns in celebration of Valentine’s Day this year. Hrithik Roshan, radiating his iconic charm, took people on a journey reflecting on how a heartfelt declaration of love transforms season of love into extraordinary memories, all while asserting that they are truly golden when accompanied by Ferrero Rocher. The brand’s latest film served as a gentle reminder to infuse one’s Valentine’s Day celebrations with the exquisite touch of love – embodied by the perfect golden gift, Ferrero Rocher.

In an exclusive interview for Adgully AG Talk, Zoher Kapuswala, Marketing Head - Pralines, Tic Tac, Nutella, Ferrero India, delves into the meticulous criteria behind selecting the brand ambassadors and provides insights into the recent digital film. Kapuswala further sheds light on Ferrero’s efforts to alter consumer perceptions, transitioning from an exotic indulgence to aligning with the Indian palate. He also offers a glimpse into the strategic marketing initiatives slated by Ferrero India for the forthcoming year and more.

How does Ferrero Rocher’s overall strategy in India incorporate celebrity associations? How do you make the choice of celebrities, what are the criteria?

Celebrity endorsements are quicker, and effective marketing strategies that brands have used to quickly build awareness, cut the clutter, leverage the persona of the celeb and connect more with their audience. With the new consumer trend of cord cutters and cord shavers there are new viewing habits of viewership on OTT and Social. This trend is with consumers in not only Tier 1, but in Tier 2 and 3 markets as well.

Celebrity and influencer advertising helps reach the consumer in a permissive manner. It gives more credibility and helps to promote advocacy as they are key opinion leaders for lifestyle products. To catch up on this wave, two years back we launched our first-ever campaign endorsed by celebrities as they have a special connection with Indian consumers and can help communicate our brand messaging effectively to our target audience.

Given the stylish and elegant image of our premium brand, we were on the lookout for a personality that would appeal to that audience status quo. Hrithik Roshan’s aura brought a lot of synergy and instantly matched with our core brand essence, making him apt for our Ferrero Rocher and Ferrero Collection campaigns. As for Ferrero Rocher Moments, we chose the young and bubbly Sara Ali Khan. Her royal girl image blends perfectly with our brand concept and narrative, where the focus is on rejoicing special moments with your loved ones while also positioning Ferrero Rocher Moments as an everyday sharing and gifting brand.

Could you elaborate on the objective behind Ferrero India’s association with Sara Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan for these digital films? How do they align with the brand’s marketing goals?

The radiating charm of Sara Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan suit well with the opulence of our brand, making them the right fit for both Ferrero Rocher, Ferrero Collection and Ferrero Rocher Moments. The concept of the digital films was to encourage customers to indulge in the Valentine’s Day celebration with Ferrero Rocher and Ferrero Rocher Moments. In both their respective films, Sara and Hrithik in their own style invited customers to include the perfect golden gift, Ferrero Rocher and Ferrero Rocher Moments for their loved ones.

By leveraging Hrithik and Sara’s credibility, we aspire to enhance brand awareness and customer engagement. Their partnership with our brand is perfectly aligned with our marketing objectives, as it helps us improve our relationship with the audience thereby underlining our brand values and drive customers to select Ferrero’s offerings as a moment of celebration.

Could you tell us about Ferrero Rocher’s performance in India and how it has grown in the country?

Ferrero Rocher has a substantial presence in the Indian market, predominantly in the urban markets. It has become a popular premium gifting option in the country, particularly during significant Indian festivals. Ferrero Rocher currently enjoys a large presence in India’s luxury gifting category. Our brand has effectively captivated the attention of customers who value our product’s exquisite flavour and quality.

We launched Ferrero Rocher Moments as an all year-round affordable yet premium sharing and gifting option that is opening new avenues of growth for us.

How is Ferrero fighting consumer perception about being an exotic indulgence and strategising to gel with the Indian taste?

Ferrero Rocher has been one of the most loved premium offerings in India since inception, for over two decades. It has gained acclaim in the country for its excellent flavour profile and unique packaging establishing itself as a go-to choice for both gifting and personal delight.

While Ferrero Rocher is a premium gifting product, we developed Ferrero Rocher Moments as an affordable sharing and gifting option. Both are today easily accessible at modern trade, traditional trade stores and ecommerce websites.

Recognising the love Indians have for mithai, Ferrero Rocher has carved a space for itself as the synonymous ‘golden ladoo’ for our festivals.

Ferrero’s journey in India has not just been about presenting product offerings, but also about creating fun and joyous moments. While our existing product line has also already established our mark in the Indian market, we have been working towards introducing products that suit the Indian palate.

Could you share insights into the marketing initiatives planned by Ferrero India for the year ahead in 2024? How do these initiatives contribute to the brand’s overall growth strategy?

We have developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for this year to strengthen our brand visibility and propel our business growth. We chose to have the right context with the right emotion for all of our seasonal activation. Our primary goal has been to capitalise on seasonal events such as topical days and World Chocolate Day to increase customer engagement and sales. Like last year, Ferrero Rocher ignited joy with an unprecedented 360-degree campaign, ‘Light up your Diwali’. Teaming up with Hrithik Roshan, we unveiled a brand film revealing the ‘golden secret’ behind his family’s Diwali celebrations.

Moreover, we understand the impact endorsers and influencers have on the audience, thereby amplifying its reach. In the coming months, we look forward to leveraging our endorsers during various relevant occasions and collaborating with social media influencers who align with Ferrero’s values and target demographic.

Furthermore, we will expand our digital marketing efforts by leveraging innovative content, influencer collaborations, and interactive campaigns across social media platforms. With this, we hope to strengthen brand loyalty for both our offering and increase repeat purchases by creating genuine interactions with consumers online, therefore contributing to long-term growth.

How do Ferrero India’s marketing efforts in the country align with its global strategy? Are there any specific elements or campaigns that resonate both locally and globally?

Ferrero India’s marketing strategy is integrated with its global approach, while also using localised components that connect with the Indian consumers. The company’s branding, product range, and quality positioning remain consistent throughout markets, establishing its global identity.

However, for our Rocher offerings, we tailor our marketing initiatives to the Indian festivities, thereby building relevancy. One such example is Ferrero Rocher’s ‘Golden Diwali’ and ‘Light Up your Diwali/ Christmas’ campaign, which emphasises luxury and refinement while being customised to Indian traditions, hence increasing its popularity domestically.

What is Ferrero Rocher’s influencer marketing strategy, particularly in the context of these Valentine’s Day digital films? How does the brand leverage influencers to connect with its target audience?

As the most romantic day of the year, this celebratory campaign aims to elevate the essence of love shared with our cherished ones. Hrithik Roshan, radiating his iconic charm, takes us on a journey reflecting on how a heartfelt declaration of love transforms a season of love into extraordinary memories, all while asserting that they are truly golden when accompanied by Ferrero Rocher.

The brand unveiled a digital film encouraging customers to share Ferrero Rocher Moments with their loved ones and celebrate those special moments together.

The campaign, #MaketheMmmmomentPerfect, gives an indulgent product experience like never before. The communication showcases Sara’s love for the brand when she does the heart gesture and on consumption of the product, she loses herself in the ‘Mmmmoment’. The ‘Mmmmoment’ voice device and the product dramatisation added in the content build the delight and taste credentials for the brand.


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