Festival Of Bharat as a new icon of a resurgent India- Cory Bixler

‘Festival of Bharat’ – a one of its kind, three day festival that celebrates the essence of Bharat. The Whole Event is co-founded by Cory Bixler. He is a London-based investor and Indophile, originally from the United States. He has over 30 years’ experience in working in various capacities in the US Govt. The Festival of Bharat swiftly gained the backing of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India’s Incredible India! Campaign, and is also supported by The Art of Living Foundation. Mr. Bixler openly admits that he does not know enough about India, but that ‘he feels how special India is’, and wants to play a pivotal role in the revitalization of that culture globally. To give life to that goal, he has hired a professional team and strategic partners to institute and manage The Festival of Bharat, as well as to help others who, like him, find it difficult to find authentic and easily accessible sources from which to learn and experience India in her truest essence.

The festival line-up consists of live music festival, Literary Fest-tie Talks & Debates, Yoga Retreat, and Organic Food Fest all rolled into one 3-day event.  Inspired and managed by lovers of Indian culture based between London, Mumbai, New Delhi, Varanasi an Rajasthan, Festival of Bharat intends to attract a diverse audience and providing a platform to truly experience Bharat.

 In a freewheeling conversation with Adgully, Cory Bixler, Co-founder spoke about the highlights of the festival, sponsors, objectives and much more.

Cory Bixler, Co-founder
Cory Bixler, Co-founder

Give us some more insights about this event - ' The Festival of Bharat'

Backed by The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India’s Incredible India!, The Indian Debating Union and The Art of Living, Festival of Bharat is 4 events in 1 mega-fest:


  1. A live music festival by night;
  2. A literary festival (with respect to talks and debates) by day;
  3. A yoga retreat in the mornings;
  4. A healthy / organic food festival.

There will be live music performances by some of the biggest living legends & contemporary stars along with debates & talks organized by the internationally acclaimed Indian Debating Union. 

The precision and faithfulness to India’s traditions with which each activity has been planned – yoga led by experienced masters; food which is organic, Ayurvedic and hygienically prepared; music which is universally appealing and beautiful to behold; and debate which is civilized and rules-based – speaks for the passion and value systems core objective underpinning The Festival of Bharat.

 When is the Festival being held? Or has it already taken place? 

 The first edition of the three-day comprehensive getaway will take place in Rajpath, New Delhi on April 6-8th 2018.

 How did Cory Bixler and the Whole Event get involved with the Festival of Bharat? 

 Indians are beautiful people, with big hearts, amazing food, stunning music, science and wisdom which few can match, and a culture and heritage which the whole world should live and celebrate. And that is exactly why our teams have created The Festival of Bharat. I am delighted that we are now officially launching it, globally, and I look forward to this becoming a new icon of a resurgent India.

 Sponsors on the board for this festival

The Ministry of Tourism, The Art of Living and The Indian Debating Union are the three big partners so far. The world’s largest radio network is about to finalize their contract with us. Many others besides, and all mention on the website. The first major commercial sponsors will be announced this month - they include a top Indian bank, an app-based taxi hailing service, a purified water specialist, a prominent FMCG brand, and one of India’s largest entertainment brands. Once contracts are sorted, announcements will be made.

Objectives that you are targeting from this event

The Festival of Bharat serves to connect with the global and national communities and further popularize the culture and traditions of Bharat. The festival is slated to attract thousands of upwardly mobile visitors during the event in March, and reach millions of content viewers after the event.

Key people involved

A group of investors, scholars, professionals and entrepreneurs based in London and India decided to make the dream a reality in 2017.

I have invested in the Citti Media team along with a series of other world-class partners, to create and manage this and other projects related to an Indian renaissance.




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